Scrap (1/9/07)


Woot, merdeka’s over. Kinda enjoyed during Merdeka as I’d settled my stuffs with Keong, and now stuffs turning out quite well. need to make it better. Anywaya being ‘knocked’ by spirits is scary but once in a lifetime experience. It’s like Bleach when you sense a high reiatsu guy such as 11th Squad Captain (, then it’s like you’re floating but your feet still on the ground. UNiM friends can know more when I head back Uni. She kinda like my gift, not too sure but at least it does make her smile. =) I’m left with 8 days, must enjoy no matter what. I don’t want to regret for the rest of my life! Khid.K. time. BRB.

Sidenote* – Not in diary – A black colour box with colourful patterns, inside filled with a disc she wanted (Da Bei Zhou, love songs, movies/videos that will make her happy), sticked a love shape with Mint Plus sweets, 4 seashells I got during Khidmat Komuniti, a bottle I bought which have 2 piggies on it stating ‘forever love’ and a self made card with some writings on it.


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