Scrap (9/7/07)


Status – Half Alive Emotion: Puzzled Trance level – Mid range Encryption – ON
Life never been the same I never knew I would write something under the dark. BTW, the forecast is true. It you’re single and you fell in love here, you’re in DEEP SHIT desu. I find it quite true. Yes, I admit that I do feel happy when 2 girls like me. Choosing is an option, no sweat. When it comes to real relationship, it’s not as easy as it seems. My ex compared to my current one is like comparing salt with sugar. Almost alike but different taste. Both if compared to LCM, it’s like sky and earth. My God. I can still control my feelinz 4 “her”, but she’s just cute. And I never knew reverse psycology works that well. She really likes the guy who sleep beside me. I hereby announce that I really regret choosing that option. Screw that, why did I follow other people’s opinion without thinking any further? But if I don’t do that, something else (supernatural phenomenon) will happen. All I need is just to endure this 2 months. <DRM like MN> Everything started because of 1 girl. OMFGWTFBBQPAWNED. If only I can listen to my trance music now. Screw Cikgu Nurul for cancelling the flag obtaining ceremony. Bitch. Tomorrow I need to wake up early, it’s time to retire. Now I finally understand, being single really rocks.


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