Scrap (6/8/07)


Alright, time for updates. That day there’s a sudden spotcheck at night and some of the guys got busted in possessing lighter and handphone. Some was caught with bullet. Then not long after that I got scolded by Cikgu Zaidi because of Cikgu Wirdaton’s case. Fuck that shit. Then the next morning was Open Day, told my parents not to attend it so early. Wise choice. Almost did the wrong thing, thanks to Cikgu Sobri I shouted ‘semula’. After that had lunch in canteen and headed back with Kok Hin. Slept on the way back. Once reach home, took bath and check email. Wow, 200++ emails. Forgot that gwmail password expired and Cornelius changed it, but he forgot. Now I have to wait IT Support to reset it for me. Clark76 turned into analyst. Wow. Cui Ying don’t give me her num, I’m like swt when she ask why I need her number. Then never really knew Hui Ming, and Sean got coupled ady. Moon pulak tried to emphasis me to ‘forget and find another’ indirectly. I feel so sad when I knew that. Anyway, I found Everytime by A1’s lyrics only to find that it suits my condition(situation) perfectly. I’m like ZOMGWTFBBQPAWNED. As usual I’ll still message her (tho it doesn’t seem like the old me), and my last message is still pending. So sad. Saw LCM today in front of ACS. Changed her hairstyle. Alicia knew I came back. Just played Chinese Chess with dad, I lost. >.< Anyway it’s a good game. Really interesting. I really do not understand, compared to him what is my cons? I really can’t tell. Yeah, maybe I’m not caring enough. I really feel sad. I doubted if she really liked me in the first place. Yet the rumours might be true. I am torn apart between decisions whether the earlier choice I made is a good or bad one. Ah, my coy flag wasn’t burnt afterall. Will write more tomorrow it’s late now. Muaks~


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