Scrap (5/7/07)


There goes a few more days. It’s been a while since I last updated. Shit happens, Confucious once said. Sigh. From the missing company flag to my “fall”, “marriage” and stuffs. I’m lack of sleep, yet tonight we as a team will be punished and at the same time as a night guard. Life’s kinda fun at times, more or less better than I’d thought. Scars here and there, muscle pain, tired, stressed out etc… >.< I’m in the Drill Squad now, it’s fun, not as good as 2nd Kpr BB drill squad lol xD. I really miss my times during Drill Competition. The number of girls increased yesterday when the 19 year old came in (mostly from Ipoh). “Kembara Halangan” really flats one out. Dah kemek dah. It’s really a weird thing, I can live without handphone and computer muahahah *evil grin*. 3 weeks in NS really acts as an eye-opener where something in life that I will never experience before can be found here. How to ‘import’ cigarettes and stuffs xD. Will continue later.


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