Scrap (31/7/07)


Wow, yesterday really is something. Let’s start from the morning part. After a period of time, finally it’s the first time I wake up so early. Damn sleepy, headed towards the marchng ground, don’t know what happened. Screw Cikgu Wirdaton, she can go and suck some coconut shell. Useless teacher. Fucking useless. Anyway, I ‘lapor sakit’ around 9am when my first class (Kebudayaan) started. I skipped class whole day and went to Hospital Taiping for treatment. I finally got my cough medicine. Went with 3 guys. It’s like eternity waiting for our turn to get medication. Came back and got our class shoes (shinning sial xD) Slept until sports time. My heart throbbled each time I saw Moon. It’s more stable than before now. Anyway I called a girl ‘Malay Girl’ (Cantonese) lawl xD as she really look like one IMO. She’s freaking fair and beautiful. I guess it’s time to let go. Shall I create something which will make her remember me? Let time tell. I hope that although she doesn’t love me anymore but at least up till one point I will still be remembered or at least treasured. This is a one in a lifetime experience, at least for me I’ll treasure her deep in my heart. BTW, I’m writing this is kebudayaan class. Lol xD. And this evening we’re going to SMK Selinsing to welcome the arrival of our PM. Ah, at least some of the girls still refer me as a polite person. That’s more than enough. I can’t do much to change something, but at least I try my best. Heck, I still remember the ‘Reverse Law’, the more you wish something the more you won’t get it. And that’s how Ana and Moon liked me before.


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