Scrap (27/6/07)


Damn, that day I(my) process writing got halted, but anyway here goes. NS is fun, enjoyable, and there’s a lot of “serious business” over here. From training to classes, fights to misunderstandings. I lost my carrera damn (Thank god it’s just a pen not GT xD) Stuff’s getting complicated from time to time. Man, I just wish that I really can get the ‘Ketua Keseluruhan’ position. Although my commands are not that loud, screw it I’m giving it my best. Called mum today, it’s just 1 week from home during holidays and I’m more or less used to the lifestyle here. It’s just that the people I mix with differ a lot and ofc my departure from my computer. Just don’t feel like continuing, WBRB.
-EDIT-After observing my surroundings, I can’t help but to add this. Isn’t it funny when girls get drowned with guys, all around? Just imagine one guy with 3~7 girls and 5 girls with 8~10 guys? Geographical location – I’m like WTF. It’s hard to describe it in words. Chiaoz!


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