Forecasting Inactivity


Heck, it’s not a forecast anyway. Going for NS in about 5 days. Sigh.

Met Kok wai and Xiu Mei at the bus station while waiting for my bus to arrive. Anyway, they didn’t change much though. Went to the hospital for body checkup, and the nurse told me that it’s n necessary as there are doctors in the camp. So all I need to do is to fill in that form and I’m done. *blinks eyes* At least I’d tested my blood and I found out that it’s O type Rhesus +

Man, I’m kinda scared of needles. Can’t be explained but I’m scared of needles when they break apart in between of my muscles. Happened once, not me, but my friend when the needle broke when the nurse tried to poke it into his flesh. That was way back during secondary school.

It’s like injecting a malicious dll into system running processes lol xD

Went for lunch, bought some stuffs for NS, I was mumbling all the way as I wanted to stay at home.. was very “the” tired. @.@

Went home, tweaked my PC, and it’s freaking fast now. Compared to last time, this is like the speed of Pentium 4 1.4GHz (Yea faster than Kwang’s processing speed =DDDDD), but when it comes to surfing my comp dies on teh spot. <_<

Processing windows command might be fast, but performance wise it’s still a PentiumIII, what can you expect out of it?

Anyway, after that update windows and took a nap.

Heck my windows lags like hell after the updates. Just now posted it in LYN and sUBs asked me to try Process Explorer. Guess what, it turnecd out normal after that *blinks eyes again*

On the other hand, last night was the night. Yes lah. Went out for a 3-3 Dota match. Lol. First round was 2 on 3, as Bing Hao couldn’t make it on time, and that sohai Bao don’t want to swap his hero(Bane Elemental) with mine(Terrorblade) <_<

Won eventually as 3 people GB 99. Lol. Second match he came and then arsp. Here’s the lineup.

 Sentinel ( Priestess of the moon, Slayer, Techies! (Rawr >D) )
Sourge ( Akasha [Woot! xD], Ursa Warrior, Naix [=O] )

I’m Akasha… LOL and so I typed… [Team Chat] – Akasha lol

Got the most kills, but my teammate pushed in the end, wanna end the game fast as it’s way past my curfew time. 12 kills, while others 2~3 only ^^ Can actually come out with Skadi at round level 15, but got killed my techie’s landmine and stun… Grr @#$%^&*()_ Ended out coming out at Lv 17.

So we went home after that match… It’s a fun game all in all. At least I won my last match… before going to NS. LOL

Now playing – Leon lai – Cant Take My Eyes Off U

Chinese version FTW~*! xDDDDDDDDD

Well, time to end this. BTW, I won’t be updating this blog for 3 months… T_T So let’s see how many visitor hits can it reach. 😦

 AC. (I love mah initials, it ownz!)


2 Responses to “Forecasting Inactivity”

  1. celest Says:

    actually u don’t hav to go thru the med checkup. The trainers in camp don’t care bout it. =D

  2. Shojikun Says:

    ^_^ ara.. a NS kid.. hope u do well there.. its quite fun actually i feel like going there.. >_

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