Stabliser =D


Try this –

I can reach level 3 only… Sigh 😀

Here’s 2 screenshots from Princess Hours (GoonG) before and after (modernisation by the princess xD)…. Wow.. *drools*  Han Sang Gong really hot man… 😀 It took quite some time to take the screenies as something is wrong with MPC when I save pictures they jump scenes… >_> and both pics are without subtitles… Nice timing. 😀 *Pictures some other day. Stupid upload fail – EDIT – It’s okay again @.@*



Okay I just checked my modem status, my upload rate is 128 =O No wonder I can’t upload pics… Restarting modem. Anyway, let’s continue.

8 more days to NS. Damn. I still haven’t pack my stuffs.  Still can’t accept the fact that I’m going to NS.

Girls are girls, they change a lot after a period of time. Tested and proven.

Rapidshare Cogent and Level 3 gives the fastest download speed, tested and proven as well.

Current E-Book size (estimated) — 594MB and counting 😀 😀

Just downloaded some trance songs (around 41 songs – From rapidshare) 😀 😀 😀

Just got sorethroat as well… Dang




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