My Encounter @ Hospital


My relatives came over and stayed one night in my house. As usual, they took over my room. =( As the saying goes (Chinese), “Guo Men Dou Shi Ke Ren”.

Anyway, went for dinner in a restaurant that night, and my parents took them to Bandar Baru an for a ride. Took them to UTAR, and Bandar Baru “square” while I’m at home doing logs…. Oh, my logs… Never knew that changelogs are such helpful materials, but, it’s time consuming, very.

Performed magic tricks for them, thank god everythingwent quite well although the kick start is a bit hard, as one tried to expose the trick, but failed eventually. 😀 My hands were shaky tho’. 😦 At least they all enjoyed my performance.

I got a dental appointment this afternoon, so we went for lunch before we parted ways. As usual, nothing much to be expected from that appointment, I’d waited more than 45minutes for nothing when the orthodontist tighten my trainer with pliers and that’s it. I’ like… wtf? Anyway, I met Chang Li Shan at the hospital, and as expected from her, parts of the talk relates to education… expected… What to do, she’s the best among the best in 2007’s Form 5. Others sucks bigtime. Compared to 04 and 05 even 06 my batch(Form 5 05′) Elites still beat them flat in almost every term. You name it: most noisy class throughout 10 years of ACS’s History, best PMR achievers throughout the history as well, not to forget best SPM achievers throughout the history of ACS Kampar. Too bad that my year’s aggregate dropped compared to 0$ but what the heck, we’re still elites. 😉

Anyway, it’s kinda fun chatting with her. The only thing that puzzles me is she seems kinda “naive” from certain angles, in my humble opinion. Heck, I doubt that her parents will allow her to have a boyfriend. She seems kinda shocked to know that I go out with Mun alone.

I’d tapao-ed 3 discs out of four (Princess Hours). Man, it rocks! Soundsbetter in Korean compared to Mandarin tho… =(((

Random Sentence – “Watashiwa Kamisama Desu xDD”

No, I found one better… Really wtfness. xD – From YoutubeIndian Trailer Subbed – “Nippley Men I met, he ate my motorboat!”

I lol-ed bigtime after I saw that.

Anyway, the main climax is here… Proxy servers got caches =_=||| so that means all the while there’s someone downloading animes beforehand… Here’s the quote.

Originally posted by sUBs

Uploaded before I made that post.

/me thinks your ISP is using proxy servers & you’re getting a cached copy


Anyway time to end this post. BRB.



2 Responses to “My Encounter @ Hospital”

  1. JC Says:

    Sadly speaking ur not kami-sama yet~
    and bout the korean subs part…
    trust me…. dun even bother complainin bout chinese subs since there are always those bloody mXXXX subbed vids….

    see ya next sem~

  2. sE_vIxEn Says:

    eh, you’re doing braces or something?!

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