At times I’m really lost in life. Really. I fail to find the answer to this question, “What do I want ( do, give, take, appreciate) in life?”

This question’s answer is not answered until today, after I realise my mistake in life.

I’m enlightened by the internet!

Yea, that might sound ridiculous, but here’s the story.

Once upon a time Yesterday night I am multi-tasking as usual, helping ppl with HJT logs and watching movie. Being me, a reckless and not-up-to-the-standards so-called ‘Senior Trainee Analyst’, helping ppl with the logs, which resulted me in not only getting reprimanded and scolded by my superior, thus, of course I’ll be upset. Compared to them I really know jackshit. After reading their PMs, I finally realised one thing, follow the rules and I’ll be okay.

What I’d learnt from this tragedy:

Always refer back to your aim in life, if you do not have one, you will have one. Ask yourself, deep down in your heart.
Follow the freaking rules!
Be patient while attending something thought, even though the outcome might not be what as expected.
Be more matured? (I am not too sure about this, but hey, it does make a difference)
Ask questions.
Do not be afraid to ask questions, although the party you are about to ask questions might make you piss in your pants.
Do more research and read more, don’t waste time.
Trance makes you judge the wrong thing, go for something not that adrenaline boosting.
Learn from your mistakes! (Very important)
… and the list goes on

Sigh, it’s a long day… Tho it’s only 3pm. *shakes head*



5 Responses to “Enlightenment”

  1. Lord Jagganath Says:

    stoner la you…. what are you aiming for… multi tasking merely makes a 40 minute job 2 hours long..

  2. Moe Says:

    Do not be afraid to ask questions, although the party you are about to ask questions might make you piss in your pants.

    Don’t ask too many stupid questions too.. Some questions can be easily answered if you just take 5 minutes off to have a think about it. I found this out the hard way hehe.

  3. kwang Says:

    Always remember the often used, cliched, but true saying – Asking a question may make you look like a fool for a short while, but if you don’t ask, you’ll be a fool forever. Sometimes, even Google can’t help… And see, I knew head banging is no good for you… go slow music man, Mandarin also nevermind, feel the love… 😉

  4. baok Says:

    yo.. sorry to hear that… you have been really helpful at LYN… it just a mistake.. not like you really screw him… i’m sure you’ll bounce back…

    chear up bro…

  5. thejuggernaut Says:

    Cheers… Keep the feng tao on!!!
    But dood, we have got to do something abut this so-called multi-tasking.

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