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Journey Begins… Tomorrow

June 16, 2007

Yea as the above, tomorrow shall be the day…

Anyway, moved all my logs to BMU. Downloaded and watched Bleach, Death Note, DGrayMan, Nagasarete Airantou.

Been back into IRC 2 days ago, quite fun. UK server.

Just met some petulant motherfucking useless arrogant pricks at IMAX. They’re not going anywhere soon.

3 months without the internet… it’s gonna be a challenge.

Anyway, this will be the last update in 3 months time. Adios.



Lol Retards Exist

June 14, 2007

Look at the screenshot.


LOL look at this retard, he really expects blogging can generate 6 digit income. You know what, if you got email spambots, porn sites for submission, please use this email. You’re more than welcome.

 “wth? explain la, u didnt tell then how the fcuk wanna earn 6 figure, bodoh sial!!!” – xDDD (

Also, he’s the only retard spammer that put his email… LOL xD Man, this guy really bodoh sial 😀


Lyrics — Princess Hours OST (Perhaps Love – Sarang Een Gah Yo)

June 12, 2007

J & HowL ~ Perhaps Love (Sarang Een Gah Yo)
Romanizer : Huay


Forecasting Inactivity

June 12, 2007

Heck, it’s not a forecast anyway. Going for NS in about 5 days. Sigh.

Met Kok wai and Xiu Mei at the bus station while waiting for my bus to arrive. Anyway, they didn’t change much though. Went to the hospital for body checkup, and the nurse told me that it’s n necessary as there are doctors in the camp. So all I need to do is to fill in that form and I’m done. *blinks eyes* At least I’d tested my blood and I found out that it’s O type Rhesus +

Man, I’m kinda scared of needles. Can’t be explained but I’m scared of needles when they break apart in between of my muscles. Happened once, not me, but my friend when the needle broke when the nurse tried to poke it into his flesh. That was way back during secondary school.

It’s like injecting a malicious dll into system running processes lol xD


Stabliser =D

June 9, 2007

Try this –

I can reach level 3 only… Sigh 😀


My Love

June 7, 2007

Now playing – – Audiotrack 09 – Summer Scent


Lyrics — Ipohmali (Point Blanc)

June 5, 2007

Point Blanc – Ipohmali


My Encounter @ Hospital

June 5, 2007

My relatives came over and stayed one night in my house. As usual, they took over my room. =( As the saying goes (Chinese), “Guo Men Dou Shi Ke Ren”.



June 3, 2007

At times I’m really lost in life. Really. I fail to find the answer to this question, “What do I want ( do, give, take, appreciate) in life?”

This question’s answer is not answered until today, after I realise my mistake in life.

I’m enlightened by the internet!

Yea, that might sound ridiculous, but here’s the story.