My sense of Humour


Well, some might think that I have a very screwed up sense of humor, in fact, I’m not the only person in this world that face this problem. Actually, crudely put, those who don’t understand it are really, erm, what do you say “dumbfux?” *ponders*

It’s just that jokes made by geeks aren’t that funny? Lol. In this question I mean true geeks. Not normal people attempting to create geek jokes. Until now I still laugh at Aaron Lim’s geek joke, but I don’t think he’s a geek, at least he doesn’t look like one. 😀

Just went out to Kampar for lunch, and I saw one BMW with a Perakian number plate. I’m like, Oh My God, salvation to Kampar People xD All around you can mostly notice that there’s 99.99% of Mercedes around; comparing the percentage of Mercedes and BMW that is. It’s one step ahead for other states… Sigh.

Thus, which make me jump to a conclusion, Kampar is a Chinese Town. Lol. xDD

Anyway, I missed the lala-gathering as mentioned by my friend that day. Street dance performance at Kampar’s Public Basketball Court, and guess what, it’s a lala rave party over there. What a showdown. I want to see how polluted lalas in Kampar turned into as deemded by him.  As it is I still haven’t see something  worse than Sg Wang’s cosplay, so called. LOL. From the descriptive outlook he provided, it surely gave a picture to me that it really turned from bad to worse. Even Ipoh lalas aren’t that bad. Well, that’s a bit weird and I always thought that Ipoh ones are more extreme!

I am downloading Nagaserete Airantou 7, watched D.Gray-Man just now. My comp lags as usual, not until I turned off my AV, FF, and MSN; most important of all, change priority to High. Then on it’ll turn out as expected, no lag. Sigh, when I’m gonna get a laptop. If I get one after NS, will it depreciate it’s value? Could I study with it? Will I rely on it too much? Will it be outdated in a few months when a new model launched?

Such questions can only be answered after I got one for myself >3 Dang. I like to rant, don’t I? 😀

You see, GMT Difference in this world really matters. Once I post my suggested fix and got an amendment from the analysts, it’s already like… er… 24 hours? I need to PM the staff which GMT difference is not that much, that’ll minimise the time lag. Now this is what you call time lag.

So, this ends this entry. Will be back for more.

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2 Responses to “My sense of Humour”

  1. thejuggernaut Says:

    whoa dude… your troubles are prolly are as bad as mine… i cannot even download one anime episode.. arrrggghhhhhh

  2. kwang Says:

    alah…looking lala isn’t that bad (I’m still saying it’s bad…) compared to acting lala. And be proud that at least your town is filled with Benz’s. Mercedes for the win !!

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