Penang Trip Conclusion


You see, based from the feedbacks I received and from my point of view, this post deserves to make its place here.

First of all, this (Penang Trip posts) are presented as is without warranty of any kind. All legal actions are expressively disclaimed.

It’s up to YOU to make the judgment whether it’s enjoyable or not / what really happened. I hereby hold no responsibility to any causalities caused.  Also, the part where I get a MacDonald Sundae Cone each time I visit a McD outlet is true. I can’t deny that :p

Other’s are all up to the readers. I post what I have in mind, and you’ll be the judge.

End of the day,it’s an eve opener. Once in a lifetime experience( for stuffs which will not happen without certain parties xD). Anyway the beach is a picturesque. There’s no need to hold a barbecue party there to enjoy there, all you need is a couple. Not a couple of friends, but a real couple. (cryptic) Couple walking happy to and fro on the shore… Even tho it’s at night, who cares anyway? It’s just the couple ❤ *Sighs…*

I never knew that I’d been regarded as crap talker… T_T *cries* *sobbiex* *hides at a corner*

*hears cricket’s singing*

*a gust of wind played her hair*


Anyway, guess it’s more than enough already, back to normal posts. Chiaoz Penang, I promise that if I got the chance to go back to Batu Ferringhi I’ll buy those freaking Korean DVDs and have a bonfire at the shore. I swear! *runs to find kerosene*

©eXPeri3nc3 2007. All rights reserved.


One Response to “Penang Trip Conclusion”

  1. thejuggernaut Says:

    …. don’t defend your self dude… put it out on the line XDXDXD

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