Finally… My long battle ends today! Woot. 😀 Just hope that I won’t screw up my Applied Algebra. =\ Apparentely I can’t prove that the eigenvalue is -1 and 8. I’m like wtf. @.@”

Time for me to enjoy a bit… Before I go and suffer in NS. Sigh… Anyway, I moved in to my new house, and a lot of work to do when I come back around September.

I swear that I updated my selfhosted blogskin… Mtfk *Grumbles* and yet everything turned back into default skin. Even worse now the rating system is down again, can see it but cannot vote. Wtf?

Gonna do some major updates once I reach my hometown, but before that I’ll drop by Penang for a few days. Wonder will it turn out well or not. *Ponders* Pris stated that her house got WiFi, PSII, 2 Desktop, Wii (IINM). I’m like… WOW. It’s my dream gaming house weh… *drools*

And apparently Celest gonna study in Nottingham. Hmm. I’m tired now, after all these days studying… tonight I shall enjoy the wonders of anime… As Kwang went home as well and the lappie is gone T_T

Right now I just wanna relax and pray to god that I can maintain my scholarship… Forget about getting rich and having a gf or what-so-related-to-it, those can come later.

Call me selfish, but what the heck, who doesn’t?

Can’t emphasis this enough, niggers suxxors!!!!

I miss playing pool… Awwwww.

I respect Douglas Wong from my University. He got balls to do so. Check this out:-


I’m sorry for spamming because I have no idea where to direct this complain to.

I’ve over heard an argument between our SA Education Officer and his fellow housemate last Saturday. He has impolitely demanded the used of the dining table in the common room and has force his housemate who was at that time studying at the dining table to study in his room threatening to turn on the music out loud if he doesn’t comply. The poor housemate has no choice but to pack all the books and went all the way back to university to continue his examination preparation. I personally belief that this attitude is not tolerable for a normal student, not to mention he is the SA Education Officer who is supposed to assist in providing us with a better studying environment.

Even before this, the rest his housemates have put up a lot with his irresponsible behaviors, such as leaving his dishes unwashed in the sink for days, walking into the house with his shoes on leaving the floor with the dirt that his shoes carried in and his housemates have to clean up after him. He also has a habit invading others properties without permission, taking someone else’s bike for a joyride and utilizing the washing machine that he has no share in buying without even asking permission, and when he was confronted he just give some lousy excuse saying that he tried to ask permission but no one was around.

Hopefully action will be taken to prevent others from becoming the victim of his power abusing and irresponsible behaviors.


Hopefully the content of the email is true, and secondly someone would take action *ahem* I hope.

*Aww wubs* I miss my house… As… Finally after 17 years my room is installed with aircond! Woot! xD Wonder how my front gate looks like now. Hmm. Glass door. 😀

My bank account transaction update faced some errors that day (not to say errors but the way the machine handled it sucks, what to do, it’s hard to code it anyway)… It printed RM1.6k debit and RM2.4k credit =_= Made my mum tensioned like hell. Then after a day or two she updated me with news that it’s normal. Sigh.

What lah, can’t they detect failure in money withdrawal? Gosh. *rant*

Nagaseretei Airantau – My next anime target! Hahahhah xD

Now I really duno if I should rehost my blog or not… Earn money from advertisment or keep the pageview… Any comments my dear blog readers? Just shout out loud in my Comment Box, I won’t censor any message, I mean *any* (excluding profanities of course).

I definitely would be more than happy to have a piece of my viewers mind. =)

Till then, chiaoz.

©eXPeri3nc3 2007. ARR.


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