CleanX-II by sUBs (Brontok / Rontokbro Removal Tool)


Written by eXPeri3nc3.
Very often these days you see that your computer being infected by spywares and crapwares which one might not even know that what invaded his or her computer. An easy way to know that you’re infected with Brontok is you receive popup messages that relates to Indonesia, then you know that you’re infected with Brontok. Anyway, it’s one of the most apparent yet noticeable way to detect it. Some of its variants are more resilent.

This tool is crafted by sUBs, which targets stubborn Brontok infection and removes them. It’ll restore back windows functions that are disabled by Brontok. This tool however is no longer updated (The reason why the tool isn’t updated is simply because there isn’t a need to do so.), but it still remain as a very powerful CMD line removal tool. Compared to other freeware / shareware that offers service to remove Brontok, I can hereby assure that CleanX-II scantime can beat them flat. I’m not joking.

Below are the instructions on how to use CleanXII.

Double click and follow the prompts. Restart your computer. If you shall require further assistance go to ASAP forums ( ,, etc.) for help. Please be patient when they offer you help. You can also donate to the forums if they’d helped you to keep it running.

Download link:


8 Responses to “CleanX-II by sUBs (Brontok / Rontokbro Removal Tool)”

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  7. John Nsibirano Says:

    Thanks to all the work vesited in, while fighting Brontok / Rontokbro
    I am a programmer,developing more software against Brontok / Rontokbro but I can hereby assure that CleanX-II scantime is a very good solution!

  8. bbrty Says:

    please please

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