Flash Disinfector – Flash Drive Autorun Malware Remover by sUBs


You hereby agree to the terms and conditions when you read this article and use Flash Disinfector where “This software is provided ‘As Is’ without warranty of any kind” and whatever changes will be made to your system.

*So stop asking for how to remove autorun.inf from your pendrive / USB Drive / Removable Drive*

*raymond.cc ripped this post and did not quote where did it ripped from.  This is where the first original form of this post being posted in the internet. Shame on you.*

Flash Disinfector is a Flash Malware removing tool created by courtesy of sUBs. It’s a neat and handy tool to handle all of the messes done by those pesky flash malwares. By no means this tool nor this article will guarantee that your pc is 100% clean, it just acts as a reference.

IF this article is helpful, feel free to tell your friends about it/share this post.

Flash Disinfector will target the following Flash malwares(in general):

W32/Perlovga (copy.exe | host.exe)
VBS_RESULOWS.A (Hacked by Godzilla, Hacked by Moozilla)
w32automa worm (Autorun.vbs)
Trojan.Win32.VB.atg | Win32/Dzan | Worm_vb.bnr (tel.xls.exe | mmc.exe)
W32/RJump.worm (RavMonE)
Worm.Win32.Delf.bf | W32.Fujacks (spoclsv.exe)
W32.Fujacks.BH (Fucker.vbs)
WORM_AGENT.PGV (soundmix.exe)
W32/Hakaglan.worm (RVHost.exe)
Trojan.Win32.VB.ayo [AVP] (Macromedia_Setup.exe)
Trojan.VBS.DeltreeY.b#1 (Destrukto!!! | destrukto.vbs)

Added entries as of 18/08/2008
Huelar Virus | W32.Huelar
RVHOST | Win32.Sohanad

What will Flash Disinfector Do
– Clean up junks created by flash malwares
– Deletes autorun.inf from every root folder
– Fix back damages done to your system
– Creates an autorun.inf folder in the root of your system drives
– Sometimes (as and when required) Flash Disinfector will prompt the user that a reboot is required to complete the removal

How To Use The Tool

*Please remember to disable any AV / ScriptBlockers as they might detect Flash Disinfector to be malicious and block it. Hence, the failure in executing. You can enable them back after the cleaning process*

Mirror (sole source) — http://download.bleepingcomputer.com/sUBs/Flash_Disinfector.exe

Download Flash Disinfector by sUBs and save it to your desktop.

  • Double-click Flash_Disinfector.exe to run it. Follow any prompts that may appear.
  • Your desktop will vanish for a while, and then reappear. This is normal.
  • Wait until the program has finished scanning, then please exit the program.
  • Restart your computer and see if problem still persists.

It would be best to go to go to ASAP forums (techsupportforum.com , forums.spywareinfo.com, bleepingcomputer.com etc.) for further help if problem still persists. Please be patient when they offer you help. You can also donate to the forums if they’d helped you to keep it running.

This article will be removed if requested. I hope that this post is helpful.

*Article written by eXPeri3nc3, tool written by sUBs. By no means eXPeri3nc3 nor eXPeri3nc3’s Corner will take any credit from this tool (Flash Disinfector by sUBs), this article is for assisting purpose only. All credit goes to sUBs.


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  2. RAVI Says:


  3. thejuggernaut Says:

    Why’d you delete it foo’

  4. Naveen Says:

    GREAT … MANY THANXS for getting me out of the soundmix.exe nonsense

  5. ahmed Says:


  6. hisa Says:

    what if i want to see the log of flash disinfector?

  7. experi3nc3 Says:

    There’s no log available (it’s not generated by the tool), and sUBs is not releasing the changelog.

  8. kaej Says:

    many thanks.. it solved my local disks’ open-with problem

  9. Mugen Says:

    Maraming salamat pare!!

  10. john walker Says:

    Will Flash Disinfector work against this “killvbs.vbs” variant that I must have acquired fron a tainted usb drive somewhere? No one else has any idea.

    Thank you.

  11. munauwar Says:


    I’ve run flash disinfector, re start my computer but “Hacked By Spiderman 2007-10” still appearing every time IE is launched. Can someone assist?

  12. Nirmal Says:

    Hi Jhon, check this out for a solution to ur killvbs.vbs problem


  13. TON from JAPAN Says:

    I read dozens of website to disinfect this sucker–>DESTRUKTO and this site rocks! Thanks to you the pc and the mp3 player are now clean!
    Keep it up!

  14. Apaxe Says:

    It works nicely

  15. ej Says:

    thanks for this site! i went to a previous site that required technical expertise, but this one didn’t! thanks again for the flash disinfector for takin out that destrukto crap. kudos to this

  16. momox Says:

    Thank you so much.

  17. Munir Says:

    A virus known as auto.exe has affected my computer and so I cannot veiw the hidden files. Moreover all the drives are converted to autorun i.e whenever I double click on any drive (Floopy, CD rom also) the drive open in new windows al though I make changes in folder option to open each folder in same window.
    Please let me know what antivirus to use to remove it.

    Bye the way this auto.exe is present in all disk drives and If I delete it the next moment it comes back automatically and . This file is originally comes from my flush drive.

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  19. experi3nc3 Says:

    @Munir, give Flash Disinfector a run, it should restore your folder options and stuffs, then install Kaspersky trial. It should be able to remove it. Remember to update the anti virus.

    If else fails, you might want to head to bleepingcomputer.com / spywareinfo.com / geekstogo.com / techsupportforum.com for further assistance.

    Hope this helps.

  20. Ranjeet Says:

    Hey Buddy!!!!!

    You Rock !!!!!…this actually works !!!!!

    thanks a ton man !!!
    I owe you a rocking party !!!

  21. daisydog Says:

    Thanks so much for this tip!!!!!!
    I tried several other things from other forums and flash disinfector finally cleaned up my problem of accessing my C: from Windows Explorer.

  22. nits Says:


  23. JoHn Says:

    thnx..hop this workin to my mmc

  24. hemanth Says:

    thanks a lot my friend, excellent software which has given me a solution … something superb… keep it up.

  25. Ishpreet Says:

    i cannot view my hidden files. everytime i goto folder options and check the view hidden files option and apply the settings it doesnt work. then if i check the folder options again it shows the “donot show hidden files” option checked although i just checked the “View hidden files” option

    plz anyone help

  26. Hairy Jeremy Says:

    Thanks man. Just used it and sorted my problem.

  27. taxapo Says:

    tnx bro.. you’ve helped a lot.. by the way is kavo.exe will remove in this disinfector? tnx again bro.. you rock!

  28. poch Says:

    thanks for this program 🙂

    anyway, why couldn’t i delete the autorun.inf file that your program created?

    and, i read form another site that when he used ur program, his autorun didn’t activate anymore. how come?

  29. poch Says:

    and, when i used your program, my “find” and “run” buttons from my start menu disappeared! i have to reformat my computer since i can’t seem to bring back the two commands.

  30. 100permission Says:

    what happen if i run flash disinfector on a non-infected pc ?

  31. Me Says:

    It works but i need to repeat the same process every time i plug in my harddisk. Why is that? Any solutions?

  32. eXPeri3nc3 Says:

    @Me — Try plugging in each and every HDD you have before disinfection, run FD and clear everything in one shot. Therefore it won’t reinfect your PC.

    @100permission — Why would you run FD on a non-infected PC at the first place? 😀

  33. poch Says:

    hey experience, what about the the functions your program deleted? how can i recover them?

  34. dp Says:

    whats wrong with the autorun.inf files created after using the flash disinfector ?

    can it be removed?

  35. Harsh Says:

    Many Thanks !!!

  36. Rai UK Says:

    It is much appreciated – this helped get rid of Kavo.exe and its varients. Now i think my system is pretty clean.

  37. Oneil Says:

    I cant seem to find a copy of the flash disinfector, the web site is not laodin everytime i try, can sum1 plz send it to me

  38. sturm Says:

    friggin amazing… thanks a lot

  39. Ank Says:

    umm.. got the exact same problem as Oneil two post above mine… the download website seems to be down… where else can i download flash_disinfector from??..

  40. richard Says:

    hey your software creates a folder that has a name of AUTORUN.INF how can i remove that is this a spyware or what?? answer me plzzz

  41. richard Says:

    plz plz plz plz i need reply coz the folder AUTORUN.INF cant be remove plz answer me

  42. eXPeri3nc3 Says:

    Leave it there. It acts as a mechanism to prevent other infections to be onboard of your thumbdrive / removable drive.

    It’s created by FD, and it’s not malicious.

  43. richard Says:

    i cant use a NOOB.KILLER with your software installed so i want it to be removed plz

  44. josh Says:

    hi sir,, thank you for giving this one for free, you rule!!! thanks again

  45. METAVISOR Says:

    maximun tool

    you are great.
    gracias amigo from colombia.

  46. Felipe Says:

    A simple, clear explanation on how to remove this damn soundmix.exe.

  47. mohit Says:

    its really great

  48. Scouty Says:

    mirror: http://download.bleepingcomputer.com/sUBs/Flash_Disinfector.exe

    I post because link not works fine


  49. shawiet Says:


    The link you provided above to download Flash Disinfector is no longer valid. Is there any other site where we can download the program? Thank you.


  50. ipl_001 Says:

    Hi ShawieT, hi everyone,

    Both download addies work fine!

  51. MYlover Says:

    any 1 know how 2 delete d autorun.inf cr8 by Flash_Disinfector ??

  52. Eerest Says:

    Thank’s a lot.

  53. jaquot Says:

    un disque dur c’est infecté comment y acceder sans perdre mes sauvegardes? merci

  54. eXPeri3nc3 Says:


    Essayez donc de courir Flash Disinfector et voir si elle permet ou non. Ne vous inquiétez pas, vos données seront toujours intactes.

    Hope it helps.

  55. Sathish Says:

    This virus has been a great pain in the arse for past 2 months…….. heard from my friend that this tool is very useful…. Will Try it…….. Thanks

  56. daboyatsu Says:

    is there any other version of Flash_Disinfector?

  57. sakis Says:

    Thanks so much for this tip!!!!!!
    Everything is clean!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  58. stan Says:

    ur blog look professional.. good i like it.. hope this can help a lot of ppl

  59. AmeyJah Says:

    Hey thanx for the awesome tool

  60. raj Says:

    it’s nice

  61. Glauk Says:

    This works PERFECT guyz. Long live Developers!!!

  62. Ferdinand Says:

    Awesome been looking for this kind of program for quite sometime already. thanks a loooooooooooot!

  63. ali Says:

    thank u very much.i was woundered when i opened task manager and the shit was gone.love u so much

  64. lucho_pt Says:

    After i clean my Computer with “AVG Anti spyware” and remove all the trojans, after that it was impossible to me to open my hard disc

    i use this program and it solve my problem!!

    thank you

  65. Mehmet Karaca Says:

    I was able to contract a worm the very first time I used my flash disk on a public computer. Windows Live OneCare detected the worm and even pretended to clean it.

    Obviously, though, there was some remnants and every time I double clicked the the flash drive, I would be faced with the famous “Choose the program…” prompt.

    Ran Flash Disinfector once and it was able to clean those remnants. My flash disk is working like it should now.

  66. e-quan Says:

    thanks so much. fixed the “open with” when double-clicking on local disk problem.

  67. Mallikarjuna H M Says:

    this tool is detected as virus by norton antivirus. what to do?

  68. eXPeri3nc3 Says:

    It’s a false positive. Just allow F_D to run.

    It’s up to you if you want to use it or not. =)

  69. basman24 Says:

    Link Dead!

  70. pinky Says:

    i wld like to knw is there any way to erase a KAVO virus? has any1 heard abt this virus before?

  71. puja Says:

    wen i type ‘orkut’ on the address bar it gives a dialog box that orkut is banned…i think the cause is virus…i used this tool but it didn work…anyone who can pl help me?..n i am able to access other websites except orkut and youtube…

  72. rags Says:

    oh god that was worth a milion dollars dear!!!!!!! i was helpless as anyone can be in these issues and that too this Ns.Anti virus had caused a havoc and my drives had to be opened with IE 6.0 every time i double click!!!!!!!! thanx a ton

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  74. Ryan Says:


    Thanx sUBs !! “p

  75. Bibi Says:

    OMG.. the damn RVHOST.exe had gone just a second…. cool!

  76. afrowolf Says:

    All that time searching for a solution to this serious annoyance, and this fixed it in 2 seconds! Thanks a lot 😀

  77. Matt Says:

    Will it work on W32/autorun.worm.s ???

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    […] add a little protection to my flash drive. After a brief search on the Internet, I came across the Flash Disinfector. This is a neat little tool to clean up the autorun worms and wares and to prevent future […]

  79. Tam Says:

    Thanks man. i’ve been looking everywhere for this.

    Thanks Heaps.

  80. Lupin3rd Says:

    Hi thanks for this great tool. I run it, but I had running the Internet Explorer with the Kaspersky Online Scan. After run Flash Disinfector IE was closed. Could I damage my PC for running Flash Disinfector while IE was running?.

    Thanks and please aplogise me for my poor English.

  81. eXPeri3nc3 Says:

    @Lupin3rd, F_D should only repair instead of doing any damage =)

  82. Lupin3rd Says:

    Thanks a lot for your response and for this tool. Great job!

  83. - Says:

    […] […]

  84. Ashraff12 Says:

    Thanks you so very much for this program. My Sansa E260 had a virus on it and wouldn’t let me delete the files or format the drive. This helped a lot.

  85. acelambo Says:

    this helped alot! many thanx…

  86. raframirez Says:

    hey guyz ived been having a problem with my flash drive.. i cant delete the thing that got into it.. it says “Cannot delete file : cannot read from file source or disk..would you guys help me out..plss

  87. eXPeri3nc3 Says:

    @raframirez — Errr that sounded like a dying pendrive / permission problem / corrupted partition

  88. raframirez Says:

    sir i just got it from a internet cafe..i cant read the name of the file because its written in a different script the software above removed the vbscript..but not the other one..

  89. eXPeri3nc3 Says:

    Erm can you back up your important items in your pendrive and format it directly? Then run Flash_Disinfector so that it will not be infected again. Or at least the infection will not be active.

  90. sharath kumar Says:

    Thank for the Flash Disinfector, this ones helped. I suddenly had problem in explorer were in when i double-click the drives it would open a new window, even though the option to ‘open in same window’ is enabled. Other folders like my documents, control panel..etc, opens…. anyway, it asked for a pen drive (wonder why it asked for a pen drive and what was the problem and how did it solved ??) and the screen went blank (don’t worry! 🙂 ) ….. tada! it is back to normal….. Nasty little problems, but kills everyone…. Thanks again! 🙂

  91. Stephen Corner’s » Blog Archive » Flash Malware Solution (Alwiz kena at college) Says:

    […] Flash Disinfector by sUBs […]

  92. Vikas Says:

    Thanks Flash Disinfector , the tool has been instrumental in doing its job…I am now not apprehensive to double click on my pen drives ……..thanks

  93. Sebastian Valmont Says:

    Thanks Flash Disinfector…. Solve alot of headache and heartache… keep up the good work… Thanks again…

  94. All about viruses - Page 3 - CrazyEngineers Forum Says:

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  95. Dgame Says:

    How do I know when its done scanning?

  96. eXPeri3nc3 Says:

    If there’s no changes to the coding, it should pops up a dialog “Done”

  97. Dgame Says:

    Oops… see the problem for me was
    that when I pressed CTRL+ALT+DELETE it wouldnt pop up
    the start button wouldnt work
    so I ran the flash disinfector and about 2 minutes later I checked and ctrl+alt+Dlt worked and so did the start button

    so I just restarted my computer..

    Is anything going to happen?

  98. Bill Says:

    How long is the scan supposed to take?

  99. eXPeri3nc3 Says:

    @Dgame — It should be alright. Run it again just in case?

    @Bill — 3secs to 10?

  100. Bill Says:

    Ok um I left it on for 7 hours and no pop up happened saying Finished or anything … But ya It worked =]

  101. nitin Says:

    yes! it worked!

    worked for removal of:
    file: autorun.inf
    name: VBS:malware-gen
    from my pen drive.

  102. Blue Says:

    Horrible thanks

  103. bird Says:

    Flash_Disinfector, work under window vista?

  104. ghighi Says:

    man this shit is good, got me rid of the autorun.inf thanx a lot

  105. Dean, Davao City Philippines Says:

    ‘Tang Ina!!! I have been looking for this shit for the past 6 hours and found it here! Thanks man! You have helped a lot of people worldwide. Maraming salamat po.

  106. desamuduru Says:

    thats really nice dude……….i felt very troubled from past 4 days with this problem.now iam relieved.thanx a lot

  107. subodh gautam Says:

    this is just great…my drives were not opening with double click…”restore it”
    (my pc recovery) also cudnt fix thix…but this flash disinfector helped me get rid of this….

  108. Reidman Says:

    Did not fix the Win32/autorun virus on the flash drive.

  109. Ron Says:

    Thanks for this fix, it’s really helpful!

  110. NarzE Says:

    Many thx (from Thailand) 😀

  111. Sania Says:

    This is great. I was having a problem in my pc in which every local drives open in new window. I tried my tips but only Flash disinfector solve my proble. Thanks a ton

  112. mahendra Says:

    It reaLLY works for the ‘open with ‘ virsu….

  113. wenks Says:

    hey can i ask something is the autorun.inf folder normal?is it made by the tool?

  114. eXPeri3nc3 Says:


    Yeah it’s created by the tool. =)

  115. wenks Says:

    is it safe?i i thought it is a virus..woooottt

  116. eXPeri3nc3 Says:


    Basically it keeps your ass out of trouble next time. Lol.

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  118. A-b Says:

    just wanted to say thanks (basically), nice to have things back in working order, great tool !!

  119. Severus Says:

    hey, i have a problem downloading the flash disinfector..
    using internet explorer:
    after download it says
    “Cannot copy Flash_Disinfector[1]:Access is denied.

    Make sure the disk is not full or write-protected and that the file is not currently in use.”

    but my disk is not full nor write protected. i tried to change the save location but it is always like that.

    then i tried mozilla firefox:

    but after download it says
    “C:\Documents and Settings\PC_4\Desktop\Flash_Disinfector.exe could not be saved, because you cannot change the contents of that folder.

    Change the folder properties and try again, or try saving in a different location.”

    what can you suggests??

    thanks buddy..


  120. help Says:

    I’ve already run flash disinfector once on my computer. I decided to add an additional HDD and would like to protect it from infection. Is it ok to run flash disinfector again? What happens to the autorun.inf folder created in my C drive when i first ran flash disinfector? Will it be overwritten or will another autorun.inf folder be created there?

  121. eXPeri3nc3 Says:

    @Severus — Download it from another PC and rename it before you run it on your pc.

    @help — Yeah it’s ok. Nothing else will go wrong (so far that I know of).

  122. Severus Says:

    Thanks a Lot buddy..
    watta great help..


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  124. varun Says:

    great tool just a half minute blank screen and then everything is done

    thanks for the tool

  125. Alex Says:

    Indeed, great tool! This is a really annoying virus, and i’m really glad that it is gone now!

  126. spike Says:

    Thanks! it really works 100%…

  127. hunterfire Says:

    mmm so i guest no need to worrie for pendrive virus ekeekkeke

  128. Angelmaker Says:

    This software is great!!!! Keep up the Good Work!!!! THNX

  129. Irvin Says:

    GREAT!!! Being searching for weeks without end to rid my jump dirives of autorun messages using avas antivirus.Tried tons of software and almost lost it trying to use some Dos commands. THANKS.

  130. the princess Says:

    thanks thanks!

  131. Luke Says:

    After I used FD, my CD/DVD autorun stopped working. Do you know how can I reactivate it??


  132. eXPeri3nc3 Says:

    @luke — it’s a setting done by FD. I think you would be better of to disable it as it can be a security risk when virus/malware transmits over autorun via removable drives. =)

  133. Alex Lim Says:

    Really useful tool!!! thanks!!

  134. Useful tool to scan USB drives for viruses on insertion | JacobyTech Blog Says:

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  135. vishal pursw Says:

    thnxs it solved my problem really

  136. muuna Says:

    after i download it, it stated:the system can’t find the path?why it is happen/

  137. Rubbish Boi Says:

    this tool help me a lot removing this fukin autorun.inf worm

  138. sagar Says:

    i want this soft ware

  139. GVS Says:

    thnks.. it solved a headache 🙂

  140. jexsen Says:

    woow it works
    big thankz

  141. Qfunk Says:

    I ran this disinfector, and kept some programs open while I clicked “ok” … The problem is that firefox was also open, and now I believe that my firefox and internet explorer has gone currupt.. I can’t open facebook or upload images on image hosts as I used to normally do… I’ve found a removal tool for this disinfector, but wanted to know if it’s ok to run it, so that I can browse internet normally again..:
    *eXP Edit: I do not advocate stupidity*

    Thanks for any help you can provide on this.

  142. eXPeri3nc3 Says:


    If your firefox and IE has gone corrupt, it is NOT because of Flash Disinfector, and will never ever be the cause.

    The friggin folder is there for a reason, why remove it? Sheesh I just don’t understand you guys.


    You can try to download MBAM or SuperAntiSpyware, fix whatever you can fix, and see how things go. It’s very hard to give a wild guess on what your current condition is.

  143. Fullmax Says:

    Thanks for this handy little program 😉

    This works for nar.vbs as well but you have to manualy erase it in C:\ and C:\WINDOWS after running the disinfector.

    If any of you guys have a better fix for nar.vbs it would be welcome, I’m stuck with this in my company as there is always somoene that doesn’t disinfect his usb/hard drive so it keeps on coming back 😦

  144. thejuggernaut Says:

    chill dude…

  145. władek Says:

    Hi man!
    Thanks 4 this aplication !!!! it is work great!!!!

    czesc !
    dzięki za ten programik, dziala zajebiście !!! 😉

  146. Mick Says:

    Great little programme.

    I had some annoying autoplay inf virus on a Kingston SD card, not sure how I caught it but I stopped it in its tracks with this neat little tool.

    Thanks for the offering.

  147. philip Says:

    hello. i downloaded the program and ran it, but nothing happened. i got a little thing asking me if i installed it correctly, to which i said yes. that’s it. i restarted my computer, but same thing. help?

  148. janperson Says:

    I bought a flashdisk…. the capacity is 4gigabyte and is made from China.. i was told that most products from China are of bad quality….. IT WAS TRUE!!!… THE problem is that whenever i save data (most especially music and movie and installers), it just get corrupted… i’d been tired of reformatting my flash,,,.. could you suggest of some ways to get rid of my flash problems??? please… what softwares can i use???

  149. tom Says:

    [DISCLAIMER — eXPeri3nc3 is not responsible for any damages done by this tool (if any). Use at your own risk]

    more info http://praktisi.blogspot.com/search?q=PCPAV&x=0&y=0

    Check this out for a solution to auto-scan media http://poskolink.webs.com/download/PCPAV.zip

    This program should stop autorun-Based viruses from infecting your computer. It controls the autorun feature for flash drives, and checks them automatically when you insert them, and displays a message if it finds a suspecious file, allowing you to delete it.

    The program perform a quick scan: Each time you insert a new flash-drive (or any new drive). Clean up junk files and recover disk space. This software was created to help you easily erase all virus, worm, trojan, obsolete and uneeded files from your PC.

  150. mj Says:

    everytime in my pc or laptop,when i insert anything to the usb drive,a sample of VBS:Malware-gen is detected in autorun.inf…
    i use avast..but this virus comes again n agian..it does not get deleted permanently..
    plz help

  151. zacq02 Says:

    hi..everytime i open or double clicked flash disinfector, my computer automatically shut down..what happened??is it normal??pls help me..i want to remove this “vbs:malware-gen” in my computer..it is always popping out everytime i insert my flash drive..pls help me..tnx..

  152. Neil Says:

    >>eXPeri3nc3 Says:
    >>March 18, 2009 at 4:01 pm | Reply

    >>@luke — it’s a setting done by FD. I think you would be better of to >>disable it as it can be a security risk when virus/malware transmits over >>autorun via removable drives. =)

    I actually would *LIKE* to access the autorun feature on my DVD drive.
    How can I re-establish this?
    (Using XP if this helps.)

  153. Neil Says:

    Any chance of help here?
    so I can activate my DVD drive again?

  154. kenos Says:

    I can not download Flash_Disinfector from the author’s site. I keep getting the message: “cannot copy flash_disinfector[1]:Access is denied.The source file may be in use.

    Who can assist me with getting a copy of this freeware,please?


  155. balu Says:

    Thanks for this handy little program

  156. Valy Says:

    Hy…. This is not suported by Windows 7. When will be a version compatible with this OS? I tried even with compatibility mode, and doesn’t seems to work.

  157. ^45 Says:

    Does the software work on 64bit environment like vista 64bit

    • eXPeri3nc3 Says:

      I didn’t test the latest revisions of this software, as I’m no longer active in malware removing community. Regardless, it should be safe to assume that it will work well on 64bit.

  158. Joms Says:

    Thanks a lot dude! This really works!!!

  159. paolo Says:

    tnx, it really helps a lot.. more power!

  160. Nelson Says:

    Thanks a Lot Buddy !!!!! Works like a charm

  161. Vince Says:

    i will ask if flash disinfectector really work? because i encounter auto.vbs in my pc…..do you think its a virus?

  162. =D | D= Says:

    Thanks a bunch man! This really helped me get rid of the RECYCLER virus. However, it kinda sucks that it deletes autorun.inf because, I want the autorun menu to still come up. Anyways, still good. 😉

  163. Kevin Says:

    Thanks so much for posting this! I was searching on google for something to fix an autorun.inf virus that had spread to a laptop and 1 XD card + 1 SD card.

    Someone in the company I work for had obtained this lovely RECYCLER virus and spread it about a bit. So when i went to run remote scans from my USB pen it got onto there and then onto my test server…. Talk about not thinking before looking at a problem…

    Still back on topic… i ran this fix and everything seems to be fine, apart from there seems to be a driver issue with the laptop’s SD card reader, though the XD card reader works fine…

    Yet again thanks for bloging this program! I would have spent hours looking for it if you hadn’t knowing my luck… :p

  164. ryan Says:

    not working with me.. autorun.inf and zhengbo

  165. asdf Says:

    Thanks, took 5 seconds and no more issues.

  166. hush Says:

    i have run the program many times but it didn’t solve my problem with my flash drive. The first time i ran it, my phone was the only one connected to my PC. I think it did well with my phone. But I tried to ran the program again hoping to disinfect my flash drive but it didn’t work. Is the program only suppose to work the first time you run it? Is there also a way to deactivate the running flash disinfector in my PC. Thanks in advance.

  167. hush Says:

    I have ran this program in my PC with my phone connected. It worked fine. AVG doesn’t find any autorun.inf in my phone anymore and there’s already that autorun.inf folder in it. I tried to do the same thing to my falshdrive but unfortunately autorun.nf is still being detected by AVG even after running the flash disinfector many times. I can’t see anything autorun.inf folder made by flash disinfetor in it either. Is the program only suppose to work the first time? And is there a way to deactivate the running software in my computer? Thanks in advance.

    • eXPeri3nc3 Says:

      Use task manager and kill the running instance. Ctrl + Alt + Delete, and right click on the exe, end process, click ok.

      “Is the program only suppose to work the first time?” — Anytime.

      Try disabling your AVG, run Flash Disinfector. If it still fails, head over to the forums as stated above for help.


  168. jyoti Says:

    hey xperience……
    I used this fd…
    but I still hav AUTORUN.INF folder in my C and D drives
    is this fine..?
    do I need to do something else..????

  169. Software usb virus - 9lives Says:

    […] […]

  170. доска гей знакомств Says:

    мне кажется: превосходно!!

  171. [Active] virus attacked my pc and now i can`t log into my pc. - Page 2 Says:

    […] first, since you're moving files using USB stick. On your working computer… Download, and run Flash Disinfector, and save it to your desktop. *Please disable any AV / ScriptBlockers as they might detect Flash […]

  172. tonyf72 Says:

    Hi! Another program you can use on your pc to keep your pc from autorun viruses is AUTORUN EATER. Its a free software. It also works magic on the pc. It has the same icon as VLC media player.
    It removes any autorun virus trying to penetrate your pc when you connect any removable drive.

    I will recommend this great software for any one to try.
    it works magic.

  173. siri Says:

    me.. I came to this flash disinfector recently as I caught by a autorun some vbs virus which spoiled my regedit and pageclasses files completely including the taskmanager.

    I am still suffering with this problem. Can any one suggest me a solution for this.

    I thought of this disinfector also. But this is for flash drives only na? My god.. suggest me a solution..

    I am unable to use hijackthis. It is not opening. I tried for reinstalling it. Again is not working. Atfirst I got the error called “script file not found” or some thing like when I tried windows>run>regedit.

    Later I used SDbox (search and destroy) and killed some of viruses it has given me. Later on that message dint appear. But still just the blank page even I try the same path windows>run>regedit

    Help me plssss………

    • NuMb.cfg Says:

      dude it disinfectd my complete pc i suppose
      my Problem got solvd…
      I had trojan wch fuckd my pc
      n wasnt removed even aftr formatting
      then itired dis 1
      my regedit n taskmanager was disabled ….
      using this regedit enabled buti had to enable taskmanager
      u can do it by gpedit.msc > user config > admin templtes > system > cntl + alt + del option n disable remove task manager 😐
      hope this works tc

  174. [Active] Virus cripples CPU and redirects Ebay Login to phishing site - Page 3 Says:

    […] let's call it "Computer 2" (plus USB flash drive to move files)…. Download, and run Flash Disinfector, and save it to your desktop. Install it on Computer 2 *Please disable any AV / ScriptBlockers as […]

  175. Efrain Barfoot Says:

    Fantastic blog post, I will be sure to save this post in my Del.icio.us account. Have a great day.

  176. soheb Says:


    this is awesome man … u rawk…

  177. phOenix Says:

    whenever i try to run your file…there is an error- ” windows cannot find ‘nircmd’ make sure you typed the named correctly ”

    which type of virus is this? it doesnt let me process any .exe files….so i cant install stuffs….it doesnt let me extract any files… and whenever i type ‘cmd’ in the ‘run’ window….it just vanishes !! pls help me…!
    i downloaded avg and many anti-viruses but none of them work because of this stupid virus…!

  178. phOenix Says:

    also,whwnever i plug in any pen-drives or flash drives,new folders start appearing and the pen drive gets affected by the virus !

  179. dull Says:


  180. NuMb.cfg Says:

    Love u Bro :p
    THanx 😀
    Bitch Trojans Fuckd my Pc 😀 THnx to ur FLASH DISINFECTOR
    Thanx 🙂
    But i hAd to enable my Taskmanager on my own ..
    iT would b good if it enables on its own

    thnx thnx though ! nice work bro cheers 🙂

  181. Vista or malware? Says:

    […] good computer…. Download, and run Flash Disinfector, and save it to your desktop. *Please disable any AV / ScriptBlockers as they might detect Flash […]

  182. [Active] Problem with dds.scr - Page 3 Says:

    […] is a keeper. Run occasional scans. Run TFC weekly. As for external drives… Download, and run Flash Disinfector, and save it to your desktop. *Please disable any AV / ScriptBlockers as they might detect Flash […]

  183. [Active] Won't let me do anything Says:

    […] USB stick to move files between good and bad computer. On good computer…. Download, and run Flash Disinfector, and save it to your desktop. *Please disable any AV / ScriptBlockers as they might detect Flash […]

  184. Diagnostic Policy Service Error Says:

    […] to move files to bad computer? If so, make sure to do this on GOOD computer…. Download, and run Flash Disinfector, and save it to your desktop. *Please disable any AV / ScriptBlockers as they might detect Flash […]

  185. [Active] Compaq XP computer runs slow; locks up Says:

    […] you should install the following on it before connecting any USB devices…. Download, and run Flash Disinfector, and save it to your desktop. *Please disable any AV / ScriptBlockers as they might detect Flash […]

  186. Browsers open offscreen Says:

    […] files (logs) won't hurt your computer, but just in case…. On your computer…. Download, and run Flash Disinfector, and save it to your desktop. *Please disable any AV / ScriptBlockers as they might detect Flash […]

  187. [Active] Infected virus - Page 2 Says:

    […] to prevent similar actions in the future….. Download, and run Flash Disinfector, and save it to your desktop (Windows Vista and Windows 7 users, scroll down) *Please disable any […]

  188. RexRobinson Says:

    Organizations now require a high level of USB protection. LOK-IT provides USB encryption, secure authentication and physical security for portable protection and making your USB flash secure.

  189. RexRobinson Says:

    Hundreds of millions of USB flash drives are currently in operation around the world, with the vast majority not offering proper USB Protection

  190. [Active] patah Hati.doc.exe worm cant remove. - Page 2 Says:

    […] telling me first. To protect your computer from USB infection, do this… Download, and run Flash Disinfector, and save it to your desktop (Windows Vista and Windows 7 users, scroll down) *Please disable any […]

  191. recycle pc | Recycle mateirals | Base Says:

    […] https://experi3nc3.wordpress.com/2007/05/… […]

  192. fulldizi,dizi izle,full dizi, Says:

    Thanks Man ! :D.Good entry

  193. Security Device» Can a virus migrate from XP to windows 7? Says:

    […] https://experi3nc3.wordpress.com/2007/05/10/flash-disinfector-by-subs/References : autorun.inf worm comes infected USB sticks, external drives, ect […]

  194. Experiencing problems after virus Says:

    […] between good and bad computer, make sure to install this on GOOD computer…. Download, and run Flash Disinfector, and save it to your desktop (Windows Vista and Windows 7 users, scroll down) *Please disable any […]

  195. NoooBooobs Says:

    Hey, I’ve downloaded the thing, unblocked it from firewall, uninstalled mcAfee, turned off Smadav and Avira, then i pressed it twice…nothing happened…why?

  196. Virus Support Says:

    Virus Support…

    […]Flash Disinfector « eXPeri3nc3′s Corner[…]…

  197. Como eliminar el autorun.inf Says:

    Como eliminar el autorun.inf…

    […]Flash Disinfector « eXPeri3nc3′s Corner[…]…

  198. mulangila Says:

    Am extremely gladsome to all the contributors for this made wonders for me,cause i had malfunctioned my client’s hard disk and I’d ran out of options but this thread help me quiet lot thank you guys and keep up the spirit.

  199. parthiban023 Says:

    hi… my pendrive is not recognized by pc and wrire protected… if i double click d flash.exe …, no response…s it run or not… can u pls solve my problem

  200. michael john pura Says:

    hey, i thank u bro for this wonderful disinfector my gphone virus gone in a second, hope ull have many pc users to help in there problems about virus.. thanks a lot …mabuhay ka!!

  201. Sly_Old_Mole Says:

    If you live in India this tool is a must, autorun.inf worm very common in India

  202. tralner Says:

    you are the man bro my Flash is freeeeee thanx a lot

  203. How do I stop old USB drives from infecting my new Windows PC? – Newyorrk.com Says:

    […] be able to detect and remove infections found on a normal external hard drive. You could also try Flash Disinfector, which was developed more than a decade ago to remove common storage infections. I don’t know if […]

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