Car Accident Elaboration


Direct quote from Kwangker.

And now for the explanation to the incidents… First it was the laptop – one fine day when small boy was using it about a week back, the right hinge started cracking. I just dismissed it as age and since the laptop was still usable, it’s fine. Then last Thursday, the metal hinge inside decided to give way and broke off. We had a hell of a time taking the laptop apart and decided to detach the screen completely. So, I planned to take the laptop to the Acer repair centre in Subang…which led to the other incident.

Friday morning, took the laptop, and usual car buddies to Subang to look for the repair centre in Sime UEP light industrial area. Somehow, while we were going along Jalan Kewajipan, the brakes of my car decided to fail on me as we approached a traffic light. Stepped all the way down to the floor of the car to no avail and boom. Luckily, road accident management system in Malaysia is very efficient. Within five minutes of the accident, there were already 3 fellows offering their towing and insurance claim service. Thank goodness the driver of the other car was a gentlemen in handling the situation. Got an earful from my dad for the accident and going down to Subang (which I’m officially disallowed to). He still has doubts that the brakes failed and thinks that it was because of my carelessness *rolls eyes*. Well, at least no one was hurt (physically…except for pl who knocked her knee against the back of the seat) and it the incident was settled without much trouble. So, for the next few weeks, wet wet car will be in Subang for repairs and we’ll have to rely on either a black Aveo or a silver 5 series to go around in. Somehow, I feel guilty for making my passengers go through all that hell in the middle of the blistering hot afternoon and yet am very grateful for their being there for me 🙂

Alright. I’m out.


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