Aih, today is the longest day of my life. Something which I would not forget, “Check your car (if you have one) and make sure it’s in tip top condition!”

I’ll start from somewhere in the 4th of May. During that time, I was supposed to use Kwang’s comp and do my logs after dinner… but when I turn on the lappie, I notice that the screen’s hinge came off… Aluminum dude… And it broke… So the guys (Me, Kwang, Jeev, Ivan) and Pris tried to dismantle the lappie and tried to remove the panel. Brought over her lappie, surfed for Apsire 2000 manual, dismantled, and saw the damage. My gosh… That’s… WTF.

Something big’s coming up…

After that incident, Kwang decided to go to Acer Repair centre in Subang, somewhere near the Sime Darby (I guess). Ah yeah, here’s a picture of the dismantled laptop.

Kwang even watched Bleach on it… Lol

Okay, I got no mood to continue. From the shits that happened today… It’s really WTFBBQPAWNED… Big time.
I shall continue on another fine day, till then…



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