Lol noob xD


Some noobs which doesn’t know that WordPress has the ability to filter spams. xD And he’s from one of the places:-

0 0 Kuala Lumpur, KL, MY
3 1 Sentul, KL, MY
6 3 Ulu Kelang, SL, MY
8 5 Ampang, SL, MY
11 6 Petaling Jaya, SL, MY
13 8 Selayang Jaya, SL, MY
16 10 Serdang, SL, MY
16 10 Cheras, KL, MY
19 11 Subang Jaya, SL, MY
20 12 Puchong, SL, MY
21 13 Shah Alam, SL, MY
23 14 Kajang, SL, MY
32 20 Bangi, SL, MY
32 20 Klang, SL, MY
48 30 Bentong, PH, MY
50 31 Jelebu, NS, MY
57 35 Seremban, NS, MY

I wonder who… You have been warned. The next time the same thing happens I’ll DDoS you.


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