When blogging turns into a passion…


Lol that day a random thought came into my mind when I actually considered to buy a hosting and domain name just to blog… Ah well… It was because the limitation imposed by WordPress and others, unless you host it yourself it would be impossible to edit the HTML source code. Those fancy layouts… sobbiex* T_T

Erm, Ivan fell sick… So I went and visited him after I “finished” my CT revision. End up playing GemTD with him xD But hope he gets well soon as from what I’d heard from Kwang his condition worsen. =\

VM Battle #8 fresh baked malwares! Woot~ Time to attempt to break my record.

Anyway, for Semester 3 I really need to thank Kwang a lot lah… Both he and Jeev taught me “quite” a lotta stuffs… lately… lol. Brought me to various places (Malacca GACC[MMU], Seremban, Klang, Subang!, Sunway [that includes pyramid xD], and the list goes on. Probably my dad also haven’t been to so much places in KL xD

Erm, me likey Kwang’s lappie and speaker. Me likey Jeev’s subwoofer. Me likey Dota-Boy’s bed xD

Ah yeah speaking about sleeping, it’s a mystery how Kwang actually manage to sabotage my pillow when both are sleeping soundly. In the end, I find him sleeping on my pillow <_<, I was so hot at night I need to sit below the ceiling fan to cool down and stop my perspiration.

Apparently Pris’s porridge tastes not bad. Hmm. Muahahhah xD

I’m havin short term memory… Ah damn. Forgot what I wanna blog bout. =|

Anyway, tired now after test, stupid niggers hogging the pool table just now. Ah now I remember, I saw a stupid, stupiak, stufuck NIGGER cheating in exam. How ‘smart’. Call me a sarcastic and racist bastard, I’ll still say this, niggers are better of staying in hell… Ya know why?

They’re already BLACK in the first place, hell suits them the best. Even Jon’s attitude which makes him deserve to go to hell soon enough cannot beat them. Lawl

Ah well. Gotta end this.



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