Waoooo =OO


Was working on a live log just now, if not I would have finished 2 episodes of animes I had now.. “Subang! Woot! With Priscilla and Ivan… Lol. Unexpected. Jeev went back… Woo…~* xD

FTZ Asia seems cool… Never went in tho’ Sad. =((((((

Asia Cafe food was pawnage… Taylor and Inti… Roxxor! Eye-candy everywhere! Whee… I’m getting out of control again… zzz xD =PP

Buahhahahahaha xD Face so white and not ah-lianish. Woo, good breed. =D

When I was in the cafeteria I was stoning and I just followed what Kwang ordered… Got no idea what is that anyway… zzz Maybe got shocked by the people and food there… Expensive Sial. For everything… @.@”

Anyhow, my hopes for hijacking FTZ Asia’s comp went down teh drain when Kwang fetch us to Sunway Piramid to buy his dunno-what-brand-ady Ice Cream… “Hargandal” or something like that


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