Muahahaha xD


Muahahah xD

This is evil… E V I L I tell you xD


Today’s CT presentation suxxors big time! I really got no comment, as I didn’t read it also. = =

Sigh… My rep… Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

After the presentation the whole time I was playing around with CheeMeng’s laptop, stupid DrWatson error… KNNCCB, I’m very irritated with that as well… Stupid Acer don’t provide Media Centre Disc to their customer… Acer sux! vmad.gifvmad.gifvmad.gifThat excludes Kwang’s lappie which is not available in Malaysia… whistling.gif

Went to TISCRA, and found out Flash Disinfector has a bugged version, reported to sUBs and a release was made, but apparently Scott still face that problem… Hm… Sweat =_=

Anyway, I came across some funny shiet… xD

“i think this kinda explain why asian guys usually have smaller penis lol
lol maybe b/c people in the old ancient chinese time use that as martial art training and have altered the genetic genes lol” — Xx-Zod-xX from AsianFanactics Forum

I think that the topic is about lfiting weights can exercise your penis… So I read on and stumbled upon that legendary reply… Lawl xD

Anyway, if that works nobody will consume viagra and pull their beloved penis… sources from some men health forum.

Aww damn I’m hungry… zzzZZZ


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