Sakura Biyori


Kimi to boku to sakurabiyori~*~*

Now playing – Mai Hoshimura (WB Rip) — Sakura Biyori (Bleach OST)

Damn nice song.. Ah. wink.gif

Hmm, this morning, insomnia… Damnit Anyway, probably this is the only time my marks is slightly higher than Wenyun… by 0.5marks xD laugh.gif Otherwise I would have been beaten flat kaw kaw… sweat.gif

Hmm, gendou came out with new OSTs… Gotta download it soon… Soon enough. biggrin.gif

Back to topic, after that, went to Riccardo’s room, did the questionnaire sorting thingy… And tonight we’re gonna continue it as well. God damn stupid work… vmad.gif Erm, later went back to room and change into formal suit… I god damn forgot that I got a presentation on Digital Media… doh.gif Luckily someone told me… Anyway, I fail to find my tie, so just went to Ric’s room and we went for lunch. In the end I was drenched with perspiration. grumble.gif Anyway, I didn’t know that I look good with tie tongue.gif I felt like I have fetish over myself already tongue.gif xDDDD RAWR

I wished I took a picture lah, despite the pimples, it’ll turn out ok… drool.gif oh damn. xD

Anyway, went to TISCRA for last minute check, but when we’re at the room, damn huge disappointment for everyone as the sound system is not working, partially. The mic still functions tho’ blink.gifblink.gifblink.gif

I’m group 4, and apparently each group gave a fair competition, besides some who really edit ppl’s template and just presented it as is… I do not want to disclose the name… but, he’s one of ‘the rare breeds in pre-U’. shakehead.gif

Oops, Jeev sms-ed me, that means I’m ROOT (Running out of time xD [Mind you Mr Lai Mann Kheong said that… SM Meth (ACS) Kampar current HM… Never really expected that to happen xD laugh.giflaugh.giflaugh.giflaugh.giflaugh.giflaugh.gif]

Anyway, was chatting with my cousin-sis all the way just now… Apparently she made an essay about Jolin Tsai…. Lol, HK people what… xD and mind you she’s still lower secondary. Erm, Form 1 I guess huh.gif

Anyway, the presentation turned out a bit weird, as it’s unrehearsed, yet I can still talk cock so much xD Maybe the ‘mantle of intelligence’ of mine and the ‘holy long pants’ saved my ass? Lol! laugh.giflaugh.giflaugh.gif

Wore that for each and every interview I’d been through… Got Brilliance Aura brows.gifbrows.gifbrows.gifbrows.gif

Also, one sohai from my group suddenly turned out… And Mr Aries noticed that I excluded his name from the website… Buahhahahahah xD Me Evil Desu… Nyahahahahah xD brows.gifbrows.gifbrows.gif

You fucking didn’t contribute anything and you want to get marks? Kiss the floor you bitch!

Kwang called me for dinner. The epic continues after this…

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