Let’s see… w32sys.exe is actually a copy paste of Brontok script. Sweat. From the words of sUBs:

It’s nothing more than some wannabe copy/pasting scripts from Brontok. Nothing original with the infection. Just another GFN mutt making a nuisance of himself

I finally knew how to use InCtrl5… Buahahhahah xD So that’s how they know what happened to the computer after that… Nyahahahahhaahha xD

Alright, back to track first… Let’s see.. umm… before going into detail of my tasks left atm… unsure.gif

I’m downloading D-Gray.Man at 195kbps constant speed. Muahahahah xD 404 roxxor! It kicks ass. Also, I seriously don’t believe that there’s anything to do with cache function. It just so happen to be like that. rolleyes.gif

Anyway, behold the tasks I need to complete (Be it this week or next week):-

  • Applied Algebra Coursework (Did question 1 abit, question 2 can’t do shit, must study first)
  • Applied Algebra Tutorial 8~10
  • English Questionnaire Report + Data Analysis
  • Digital Media (Website Building 98% done) + Rehearsal
  • Communication Technology (Handed the pictures, consider done)
  • Macroeconomics (Sent my part to fangyee)
  • Study + Revision for all subjects
  • VM Battle #7 – Problem solving (Uninstall Entry)
  • Batch Coding learning + VMWare + Misc tongue.gif

OMFG my D-Gray.Man dl error? WTF? I’m trying again… MTFK grumble.gif

Ah yeah sUBs explained that GFN mutt -> Good For Nothing mutt laugh.gif

Sad encounter for natakaasd. He has been notified by sUBs that he’s not equipped and shouldn’t attempt in giving fixes until he’s graduated from recognised malware academy. Also, I just noticed that his nick is actually nataka + asd biggrin.gif

On the other hand, just found out that current malwares have anti-VM functions, so that’s what sUBs mean by real work is done in live machines. Respect desu~*

Anyway, finished dl-ing D-Gray.Man already. LOL XD Let’s get the ball rolling and after tonite Frenzy Mode [ON]! Roxxor! xD

Billion faced a breakdown in electricity just now… If only it happened earlier… I could have took the whole bucket out and run like a fool xD brows.gif

Better finish the anime early, and sleep early. Tomorrow it’s time to kick some ass. RAWR.

I’ll be back for more. Hope you enjoyed the show. Oyasumi~*

©eXPeri3nc3 2007. All rights reserved.


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