o.O Wow! O.o


Wow, I wasted whole day on batch programming websites = = Didn’t do shit… Acutallly I did, 3 questions only =X

Erm, this morning Kwang woke me up… Handed back his lappie. No more VMWare… T_T

Went for lunch in SA with Jeevan, then headed to comp lab. Stayed there till 5 something headed back room for a shower and dinner in SA as well. Early one, and went back to TR1098 =D

I left my bag teh as well xD

Now playing — Lyn (Full House) *unreleased track* brows.gif — Geu Deh Ji Geum

Slept a few min, tried to do work, but attracted to forums.. Ah damnit. Jon called and chatted for a while…

And I didn’t expect this to happen. Weroth suddenly PM me, then I’m like, “YO WAZZUP MAN” (mind you I’m ditto-ing niggraz xD)… And apparently he called me using his leftover Digi credit from Australia. Cool shit. He’s in Year 1 in Melbourne University already… not forgetting his workload, standards of living, and all types of stuffs damn high… He changed… Finally he got a different perception towards girls… Ahahahah xD brows.gif tongue.gif

Chatted for 1 hour and 9 minutes… parents missed call 6 times xD tongue.gif Then when parents call me my battery was running low. Hmm. Man, that was random. happy.gif

Someone called me, I duno who, and my phone ran out of battery… Damnit. grumble.gif

Now playing — YUI(PV Rip) — Rolling Star (Bleach OST)

Aduih, Robert called me for Econs… Shit I haven’t do anything yet… @.@” Mampuslah kali ini~*

Will Be Back for more!

©eXXie 07. ARR.


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