Interesting Day


ZOMG… I never been through this before for a long long time ago… Here goes biggrin.gif

Yesterday night after dinner I spent the night at Kwang’s house. Was in Jeevan’s room all the while. Kwang went over to Priscilla’s house for the Annual Dinner slides thingy, which took him about 6 hours to do that ‘shit’ laugh.gif Anyway now installing VMWare Server on Kwang’s lappie, not to mention he borrowed it to me for the night… Since he’s attending Annual Dinner, I might as well use it. Need to do the CT poster picture as well dry.gif

I like the VTP6 sound pack. Damn cute. I just copied back my trance musics from Jeev, and it’s powderful shit… I can keep myself occupied tonight…


Talking about viruses… I spent sometime fixing Jon’s comp… but to no avail… His lappie already fucking slow, not to mention the malware is damn persistant. I shall try it in VMWare and see if Flash Disinfector gets it or not, if not I’ll post it to sUBs. Apparently I never knew my pendrive got infected as well (duh) and I infected Jeevan’s comp. xD Spent some time removing it completely and some old malware in his comp. Now it’s clean. Bow before me Jeevan happy.gif

Anyway, learnt something, registry is not a place for those who don’t know what they’re doing. Serious shit.

So slept on Daniel’s bed, *again* tongue.gif

This morning woke up Kwang dragged me back to school wub.gif voice xD She got a ring on her ring finger tho unsure.gif

Went back campus, slept, took a bath and went for the Novell talk. Apparently from what the Lotus explained to us our Uni bandwidth is actually 12MB! ZOMG. They limitted it to 1Mb. Sigh. grumble.gif And they really blocked the ports, damnit.

Have a nice talk with Eric So. Tho he’s a bit stubborn, he’s ok actually. I’ll PM him suggestions later after I finish my stupid CT picture, Applied Algebra assignment, VM Battle and etc. Damn.

When I told him I’m from TSF and there’s something called ASAP in this world (ASAP stands for the Alliance of Security Analysis Professionals.), he’s like wtf… Lawl

Anyway, I’m uploading my video to Youtube. ^^

Chatting with Enigmatic now. = =

Almost dinner time. Need to go soon. Will be right back. mellow.gif

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