Finally Desu~*


I’d finished my VM Battle #7 finally… Recovering from a sick stomach… and starting to do my pile of work already… The stupid TTS5 house owner FFK-ed us today… If not gonna have a deal with him/her. Aih~*

Anyway, I just hope that I could be in the pink of health and quickly tapao everything left and study already… As test is coming near and the assignments are pilling over my files and bed. Sigh. Sleep 8 hours still feel tired, and that clearly shows how worn out I am now.

I still haven’t watch D.GrayMan 26 as I forgot to bring my headphone… Ah well. Tomorrow lah.

Never touch DotA for weeks. Lol. Cards are to warmup / itchy hands / occupy my fingers. =D

Created new pass… But anyway Amane’s friend’s vid kicks ass… Wonder what pass was that… Hmm

God… shrine your blessing on me… =D

Doesn’t mean that I’mma Christian xD

Anyway, gonna chao from comp lab now, heading to friend’s room to “diagnose” the questionnaires. Eww, gross. xD

Rock on! Updates later.

©eXPeri3nc3 2007. All rights reserved. *what you see remains here, 1F j00 Kan Rid T1$ j00 g0|/|@ g3+ l@1|) =D*


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