Even jon found my blog. Wow. = =

Also, on Saturday I got my stomach to suffer until now… Stupid Ban Mee vmad.gifvmad.gifvmad.gif


Went to Puchong with Kwang on Sunday. Wow. Wong Kok Char Chan Teng FTW Desu! happy.gif

Beef with noodles cum the hot drink I ordered… WINS! Tho my stomach is not in top condition, I can still feel the satisfaction I have. Lalala~* xD Anyway went around with Kwang… Bought something myself, then left the place at around 4 something… Or is it 3 something… Hmm

Went back Kwang’s house via Kajang exit. After throwing myself onto bed, Jeevan came back just a few mins later… Lucky Kwang. laugh.gif

Watched Today in Class and Inukami last epi… OMG… Attracted ady… Shit sleep.gif

Went for dinner at night with the “wife” (you know who lah rolleyes.gif

Erm, at night… My stomach… Adui… Worsen… T_T

I will condemn those F00’s who deem WINDOWS XP VISTA to be TOO ADVANCE FOR THEM OR HARD TO USE AND those F00’s who deem Mac skin is nicer (undenialbly MacOX skin is nice, but I still prefer Vista)
May those BURN IN HELL… SPARTAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA vmad.gifvmad.gifvmad.gifvmad.gifvmad.gif

Hope my stomach can recover soon… Aih… Oops, time to resume my log already. Don’t let the 1337 to wait for me tongue.gif

Anyway, sUBs coming up with a Combofix that tries to repair Viking Worm. Seems good news. Indeed VERY good news for all… Cheers! wink.gif

OoOoOo my god, Aries in da house… BRB

©eX07. ARR.


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