CSI: Jerusalem *OMG*


Just came out from the hall with this popular saying, “Let’s get out of here” xD

That… erm… not too bad… but… it’s not up to the expectations… I must respect the video editing guy tho for the nice BGM and timing… And the creator of the poster as well. Kudos to you.

While on the way to TISCRA, I saw Wee Kiat running like a bitch to Comp Lab… wonder what on earth happened… Maybe he need to go to the toilet urgently… Tissue. Ah. I guess that explains it.

He fell sick as well, including quite a number of students… Poor campus. = =

When I step in, I met her ( the girl that is UNSEPERATE-ABLE from her partner, I mean really, c’mon each and every moment of the day they’ll be together… besides going to toilet ofc… and that happened just now), she came out of the room, white shirt and a skirt, as usual, it’s a ‘looney’ toon duck there… Nice shirt. Hmm. Then I acted as a mirror, fidgetted to the left and right for a few times then we laughed… Nice experience there. That’s the first time I saw her beautiful grin. What a sight to behold. ^^

Anyway, it was disastrous back then. I mean in the Great Hall. Damn… I wonder why the heck I pay RM2 for that… Even PPD(Pani Poni Dash) serves a better job… But, Hong Chien was damn funny… respect desu~*

And there’s Jeevan with the religion thingy, period. Quite different PoV from him… Interesting.

But, I don’t care anyway, it’s not my religion. Bah, don’t call me names, I don’t really bother to know my religion as my mum told me almost everything… I rather learn the “dates” and festivals. Haha.

WTF weh, my group members aren’t here… Where the fuck are they? = =

Now playing — *New Pick* — East Clubbers — To The Moon And Back thumbup.gif

Hmm, Jon and Daniel came to comp lab as well.. Daniel ranting he wants his RM2 back LOL

Told ya that SUX… Period.

Where the fuck are they man… = = Damn

And bout teh pawnage Macroeconomics test… 30 questions, 3 free marks IF I remember the fucking formula… = =||||


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