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When blogging turns into a passion…

April 30, 2007

Lol that day a random thought came into my mind when I actually considered to buy a hosting and domain name just to blog… Ah well… It was because the limitation imposed by WordPress and others, unless you host it yourself it would be impossible to edit the HTML source code. Those fancy layouts… sobbiex* T_T

Erm, Ivan fell sick… So I went and visited him after I “finished” my CT revision. End up playing GemTD with him xD But hope he gets well soon as from what I’d heard from Kwang his condition worsen. =\

VM Battle #8 fresh baked malwares! Woot~ Time to attempt to break my record.

Anyway, for Semester 3 I really need to thank Kwang a lot lah… Both he and Jeev taught me “quite” a lotta stuffs… lately… lol. Brought me to various places (Malacca GACC[MMU], Seremban, Klang, Subang!, Sunway [that includes pyramid xD], and the list goes on. Probably my dad also haven’t been to so much places in KL xD

Erm, me likey Kwang’s lappie and speaker. Me likey Jeev’s subwoofer. Me likey Dota-Boy’s bed xD

Ah yeah speaking about sleeping, it’s a mystery how Kwang actually manage to sabotage my pillow when both are sleeping soundly. In the end, I find him sleeping on my pillow <_<, I was so hot at night I need to sit below the ceiling fan to cool down and stop my perspiration.

Apparently Pris’s porridge tastes not bad. Hmm. Muahahhah xD

I’m havin short term memory… Ah damn. Forgot what I wanna blog bout. =|

Anyway, tired now after test, stupid niggers hogging the pool table just now. Ah now I remember, I saw a stupid, stupiak, stufuck NIGGER cheating in exam. How ‘smart’. Call me a sarcastic and racist bastard, I’ll still say this, niggers are better of staying in hell… Ya know why?

They’re already BLACK in the first place, hell suits them the best. Even Jon’s attitude which makes him deserve to go to hell soon enough cannot beat them. Lawl

Ah well. Gotta end this.



Kuro-Hana EasterEgg

April 29, 2007

… or rather just a wishing. Ah anyway… It’s damn cool…KuroHana DeathNote Virginia Tech

We’re with you, Virginia Tech

That’s all for now, back to work. =\

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April 29, 2007

For the past few days I can’t blog as I’m still stuck in Blogger. Not anymore, screw you, I’m getting out of that place.
Wordpress roxxor!

Anyway, I forgot what I need to input, ah crap. Anyway had an enjoyable week, I think. Lol. That includes getting lost in Jusco around 11pm where they closed all the gates to the parking lot and I need to take the lift to the top floor and walked down to meet my friends. =_=

Wait, does playing TD till 7am in the morning considered as enjoyable? =\

So, tomorrow’s CT Test. Wish me good luck.


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Hello world!

April 28, 2007

Muahahahahahhah xDD

WordPress roxxors! Muaahahahahah xD

Waoooo =OO

April 21, 2007

Was working on a live log just now, if not I would have finished 2 episodes of animes I had now.. “Subang! Woot! With Priscilla and Ivan… Lol. Unexpected. Jeev went back… Woo…~* xD

FTZ Asia seems cool… Never went in tho’ Sad. =((((((

Asia Cafe food was pawnage… Taylor and Inti… Roxxor! Eye-candy everywhere! Whee… I’m getting out of control again… zzz xD =PP

Buahhahahahaha xD Face so white and not ah-lianish. Woo, good breed. =D

When I was in the cafeteria I was stoning and I just followed what Kwang ordered… Got no idea what is that anyway… zzz Maybe got shocked by the people and food there… Expensive Sial. For everything… @.@”

Anyhow, my hopes for hijacking FTZ Asia’s comp went down teh drain when Kwang fetch us to Sunway Piramid to buy his dunno-what-brand-ady Ice Cream… “Hargandal” or something like that

Muahahaha xD

April 17, 2007

Muahahah xD

This is evil… E V I L I tell you xD


Today’s CT presentation suxxors big time! I really got no comment, as I didn’t read it also. = =

Sigh… My rep… Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

After the presentation the whole time I was playing around with CheeMeng’s laptop, stupid DrWatson error… KNNCCB, I’m very irritated with that as well… Stupid Acer don’t provide Media Centre Disc to their customer… Acer sux! vmad.gifvmad.gifvmad.gifThat excludes Kwang’s lappie which is not available in Malaysia… whistling.gif

Went to TISCRA, and found out Flash Disinfector has a bugged version, reported to sUBs and a release was made, but apparently Scott still face that problem… Hm… Sweat =_=

Anyway, I came across some funny shiet… xD

“i think this kinda explain why asian guys usually have smaller penis lol
lol maybe b/c people in the old ancient chinese time use that as martial art training and have altered the genetic genes lol” — Xx-Zod-xX from AsianFanactics Forum

I think that the topic is about lfiting weights can exercise your penis… So I read on and stumbled upon that legendary reply… Lawl xD

Anyway, if that works nobody will consume viagra and pull their beloved penis… sources from some men health forum.

Aww damn I’m hungry… zzzZZZ


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Sakura Biyori

April 16, 2007

Kimi to boku to sakurabiyori~*~*

Now playing – Mai Hoshimura (WB Rip) — Sakura Biyori (Bleach OST)

Damn nice song.. Ah. wink.gif

Hmm, this morning, insomnia… Damnit Anyway, probably this is the only time my marks is slightly higher than Wenyun… by 0.5marks xD laugh.gif Otherwise I would have been beaten flat kaw kaw… sweat.gif

Hmm, gendou came out with new OSTs… Gotta download it soon… Soon enough. biggrin.gif

Back to topic, after that, went to Riccardo’s room, did the questionnaire sorting thingy… And tonight we’re gonna continue it as well. God damn stupid work… vmad.gif Erm, later went back to room and change into formal suit… I god damn forgot that I got a presentation on Digital Media… doh.gif Luckily someone told me… Anyway, I fail to find my tie, so just went to Ric’s room and we went for lunch. In the end I was drenched with perspiration. grumble.gif Anyway, I didn’t know that I look good with tie tongue.gif I felt like I have fetish over myself already tongue.gif xDDDD RAWR

I wished I took a picture lah, despite the pimples, it’ll turn out ok… drool.gif oh damn. xD

Anyway, went to TISCRA for last minute check, but when we’re at the room, damn huge disappointment for everyone as the sound system is not working, partially. The mic still functions tho’ blink.gifblink.gifblink.gif

I’m group 4, and apparently each group gave a fair competition, besides some who really edit ppl’s template and just presented it as is… I do not want to disclose the name… but, he’s one of ‘the rare breeds in pre-U’. shakehead.gif

Oops, Jeev sms-ed me, that means I’m ROOT (Running out of time xD [Mind you Mr Lai Mann Kheong said that… SM Meth (ACS) Kampar current HM… Never really expected that to happen xD laugh.giflaugh.giflaugh.giflaugh.giflaugh.giflaugh.gif]

Anyway, was chatting with my cousin-sis all the way just now… Apparently she made an essay about Jolin Tsai…. Lol, HK people what… xD and mind you she’s still lower secondary. Erm, Form 1 I guess huh.gif

Anyway, the presentation turned out a bit weird, as it’s unrehearsed, yet I can still talk cock so much xD Maybe the ‘mantle of intelligence’ of mine and the ‘holy long pants’ saved my ass? Lol! laugh.giflaugh.giflaugh.gif

Wore that for each and every interview I’d been through… Got Brilliance Aura brows.gifbrows.gifbrows.gifbrows.gif

Also, one sohai from my group suddenly turned out… And Mr Aries noticed that I excluded his name from the website… Buahhahahahah xD Me Evil Desu… Nyahahahahah xD brows.gifbrows.gifbrows.gif

You fucking didn’t contribute anything and you want to get marks? Kiss the floor you bitch!

Kwang called me for dinner. The epic continues after this…

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April 15, 2007

Let’s see… w32sys.exe is actually a copy paste of Brontok script. Sweat. From the words of sUBs:

It’s nothing more than some wannabe copy/pasting scripts from Brontok. Nothing original with the infection. Just another GFN mutt making a nuisance of himself

I finally knew how to use InCtrl5… Buahahhahah xD So that’s how they know what happened to the computer after that… Nyahahahahhaahha xD

Alright, back to track first… Let’s see.. umm… before going into detail of my tasks left atm… unsure.gif

I’m downloading D-Gray.Man at 195kbps constant speed. Muahahahah xD 404 roxxor! It kicks ass. Also, I seriously don’t believe that there’s anything to do with cache function. It just so happen to be like that. rolleyes.gif

Anyway, behold the tasks I need to complete (Be it this week or next week):-

  • Applied Algebra Coursework (Did question 1 abit, question 2 can’t do shit, must study first)
  • Applied Algebra Tutorial 8~10
  • English Questionnaire Report + Data Analysis
  • Digital Media (Website Building 98% done) + Rehearsal
  • Communication Technology (Handed the pictures, consider done)
  • Macroeconomics (Sent my part to fangyee)
  • Study + Revision for all subjects
  • VM Battle #7 – Problem solving (Uninstall Entry)
  • Batch Coding learning + VMWare + Misc tongue.gif

OMFG my D-Gray.Man dl error? WTF? I’m trying again… MTFK grumble.gif

Ah yeah sUBs explained that GFN mutt -> Good For Nothing mutt laugh.gif

Sad encounter for natakaasd. He has been notified by sUBs that he’s not equipped and shouldn’t attempt in giving fixes until he’s graduated from recognised malware academy. Also, I just noticed that his nick is actually nataka + asd biggrin.gif

On the other hand, just found out that current malwares have anti-VM functions, so that’s what sUBs mean by real work is done in live machines. Respect desu~*

Anyway, finished dl-ing D-Gray.Man already. LOL XD Let’s get the ball rolling and after tonite Frenzy Mode [ON]! Roxxor! xD

Billion faced a breakdown in electricity just now… If only it happened earlier… I could have took the whole bucket out and run like a fool xD brows.gif

Better finish the anime early, and sleep early. Tomorrow it’s time to kick some ass. RAWR.

I’ll be back for more. Hope you enjoyed the show. Oyasumi~*

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o.O Wow! O.o

April 14, 2007

Wow, I wasted whole day on batch programming websites = = Didn’t do shit… Acutallly I did, 3 questions only =X

Erm, this morning Kwang woke me up… Handed back his lappie. No more VMWare… T_T

Went for lunch in SA with Jeevan, then headed to comp lab. Stayed there till 5 something headed back room for a shower and dinner in SA as well. Early one, and went back to TR1098 =D

I left my bag teh as well xD

Now playing — Lyn (Full House) *unreleased track* brows.gif — Geu Deh Ji Geum

Slept a few min, tried to do work, but attracted to forums.. Ah damnit. Jon called and chatted for a while…

And I didn’t expect this to happen. Weroth suddenly PM me, then I’m like, “YO WAZZUP MAN” (mind you I’m ditto-ing niggraz xD)… And apparently he called me using his leftover Digi credit from Australia. Cool shit. He’s in Year 1 in Melbourne University already… not forgetting his workload, standards of living, and all types of stuffs damn high… He changed… Finally he got a different perception towards girls… Ahahahah xD brows.gif tongue.gif

Chatted for 1 hour and 9 minutes… parents missed call 6 times xD tongue.gif Then when parents call me my battery was running low. Hmm. Man, that was random. happy.gif

Someone called me, I duno who, and my phone ran out of battery… Damnit. grumble.gif

Now playing — YUI(PV Rip) — Rolling Star (Bleach OST)

Aduih, Robert called me for Econs… Shit I haven’t do anything yet… @.@” Mampuslah kali ini~*

Will Be Back for more!

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April 13, 2007

Saw spikee kena pawned by sUBs… FTW Desu! Rock on!

It’s malware. Do you mean to reinstall malware? brows.gif — sUBs xD

Click to enlarge I suppose

Oh shit… I’m hungry… T_T after a cup of Vono still not enough… Holy cow… 2 am… Time to go back… Chatting with Wenyun now… Apparently I said something out of my mind… xD But it’s the truth la… During that split second I really drooled. ZOMG. xD


EDIT – This girl got my attention *hehe*

Got STAR and JPA as well… almost same case… And she’s 1989… *drools over worksheet*

Lawl. xD

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