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Malaysian Studies? Aww C’mon…

March 3, 2007

Sigh, first day to attend Malaysian Studies… Actually this should be my second day, but I did not attend the first one as I was coming back all the way from Kampar. Nevertheless when you hear the cursed term ‘Malaysian Studies’ one will know how bored it could be, EVEN with a laptop in class.

I forgot what happened last night. =_= Anyway I’m running low on credit. I mean real low. Will try to prolong the period first. Hmm, I wonder if it’s even possible. Lol.

Tried to host CGIproxy on, but the stupid IT support blocked it also… Ah hell. I really wonder.

Still haven’t start to study… I wonder. Sigh. Got damn pissed off by Ee Yin today, I’ll prove to you that I can do it. Just wait lah bitch.

Damn tired after playing basketball and badminton with Jonny. Actually I played badminton most of the time lawl. He went to the gym, and worn out too. Went out dinner with Chong, Jon, Me and another Indon guy named “Hendrew” or something like that. 7 Wonders… Ah I wonder where’s the pretty boss lawl xD Ate there… Met Fortune God there… Serious! He even gave me an angpao and mandarin. Lol. Inside the angpao got 4 digits la… If you wanna buy go and buy lolz… Sponsored by Calsberg… >D Sat in a white Proton Saga and went off.

After eating, we took a ride to Beach Cafe. Ah, well. Lala. Lol. They say that there were godzillaz… But to me those aren’t too bad, I mean some. Some. Lawl.

Gambled there, at first lose like shit, luckily turned over the game and covered back the debt. Jon and Chong owe me Rm0.60 each lawl =D

Oh, Death Note just finished downloading… Hm.

Jeevan’s phone die already, time to get a new one. I need to get one too, it’s just a matter of time. However, no matter what happens I won’t change my current lucky phone… It’s a charm! Just had dinner with Jeevan just now. Hmm. Then he walked back.

Toilet break time, guess I need to drag my feet up to the second floor >_> sighz.

I’m back =)

Oh shit I thought I just heard a ringtone that resembles “Immoral Sisters” tone… Omigosh!

I suddenly realised that I came here to study. Not to enjoy life. Well, enjoy life is for sure, more or less, but I’m really, I mean really overdoing it. Oh good god please help me to turn over a new leaf! I beg you!

I felt that I’m lack of motivation. Hmm… My gosh.

Ok lah. End this post. Bye~*

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Sigh… Life’s Like This

March 1, 2007

Life sucks. Enough said. This is really a downpour for me… =_=

Why lah… Although I turned into another person already, I’m ready to change, it’s just that I feel like I don’t have motives in life to certain extend. Well, you know, pressure. Sigh.

Now I’m trying to download Bleach Episode 117. IT Support blocked most of the sites. When you have a term ‘download’ in “inurl:”, the whole fucking page will halt. God damn it.

Thought of creating a proxy server, will fondle it when I got the chance to look at the script.

Wanted to start studying, but until now I’m still stoning. God help meh!

It’s like I am really lost, like what my mother said in the phonecall last night. =_=

What a dreadful year. Guess prayers can’t save my ass out of this one. =\

Just waiting for it to go away, that’s all. I’m not gonna tackle stupid stuffs at the moment.

Walao, Sempurna[Leslie] straight away used Vundofix when the O2 and O20 entries are missing from HJT log. =_= Lao eh…


Help meh…

I’m not emo-ing, don’t worry, I’m just out of my mind, blank, temporarily.

Hope that I don’t get BSOD then everything is ok. Lol.

Time to end. Bye.

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