GG — I’m Dead Meat This Time


Okay, let’s get down to business.

Economics Assignment — FY, Robert, Jon, Ghay Singaporean[The only ghay fker in Business Fd.], Me, another alex, Saiful.

With these guys around = The assignment = GG

IT Assignment(Digital Media) – Me, Kevin, one chinese guy[sissy as well], and other fkers. Other fkers include one that I’d deducted his marks for not contributing a single idea. = GG as well, not as bad as Economics anyway, I still can handle this

IT Assignment(Com Tech) – Another freaking poster — The same group as before, this will turn out ok I guess… “guess”

Foundation in Maths test tomorrow = gg

Applied Algebra 9 questions 1 hour on Friday = gg

Econs Test 30 MCQ Next week -> Not yet study a single shit = gg

English Test Listening and duno some shit tomorrow = gg

TechSupportForum STA VM Battle #7 — Status — Incomplete yet = gg

English Questionnaire -> One female nigger in my group, was quarantined cos fell sick = GG

No CALMAT – Saved my ass

No World Econs, Management = Saved my ass as well.

Oh man, 2 Aegis can’t save me this time… = =||| I’m doomed… Fell sick as well… Struggle…

The real battle starts now!

50cent Bankai~*!

©AC07. ARR.


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