Tamedesu…~* Yitai!


A lot of stuffs happened, I mean a lot… Serious. Until I’m so blur that I can’t even trackback wtf happened past few days… = =


I rather keep a real diary then = =||| Sometimes walking back to my room got the oomph to blog pulakz. What lah, so screwed up.

I forgot where am I… I’m LOST. Noooooooooo

Anyway, fell sick, recovering, and my medicine played the fool on me… Now, where are you biatch!

It disappeared from my bag, my room, friend’s car… 3rd dimension? o.O

Now that’s weird shit…

Updated my Friendster pix regarding the GACC outing… And stuffs…

Been depressed lately since my tongue is dumb… Frequent LYN Kopitiam-ers will now… Lawl.

Awww shit I halted at my log, might continue tomorrow…

I was supposed to study Calculus / Applied Algebra, and what had I done here, finished watching D-Gray.Man… I shall condemn myself from stepping even one step into Tiscra at NIGHT. Noooo, tame… “You can’t do that to me”… OMG, I’m hallucinating…. Nooo

= =|||

Anyway, it’s like Eminem – Lose Yourself

“This opportunity comes once in a lifetime…”

True indeed.

Good gawd plz kickstart my ass… I beg j00 = =

Ah yeah, I think I found a way to hijack the speed factor into the TISCRA computers… I know how ady now… nyahahhahaha… theory proven by Wee Kiat… Need to trial run another time to testify the fact… *evil grin*

Oh boy, I’m evil.. Muahahhah xD

Monoka, Mokona… Whatever… The cute white stuff hanging in Kwang’s car…

Don’t tell me that evil thing abducted my medicine?! Noooooooo… Period.

Some nice stats, I never knew Sony acts as an ISP too… Good stuff.


Damn cool.. I never knew someone from Egypt, Turkey or Ireland will visit my blog… Lol…

Now. If only God grant me another wish…

Ah yeah, I just noticed that UNiM is not as dead as it could be…

And I need to apply censorship, since (as you refer to the pic), so many hits from UNiM…

You may hide behind the box, I can hide my details also…

Ok la, enough ady.

©eXXie 07. All rights reserved.


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