It’s A Miracle! — And Yet A Scandal


It’s a fking miracle! I didn’t blog during Aries Ang’s class today! Hurray… Lol

Ya know why? Javascript… Ofc la… brows.gif

Anyway, here’s the scandal.

Screw the parliaments. No holding hands in the park? Now wtf is this? You tell me.

Aww man suddenly got the urge to go to Ipoh… Lol brows.gif

Don’t know what happened to my stomach, keeps on mixing with air, and letting it out. Exhaust waste biggrin.gif

Went to toilet a few times also, god damn it!

Now playing — Il Divo — The Time of Our Lives

Javascript Injection FTW~*!


Now If only I can hack gunbound gold with that way… =D

Buahhahah xDDDDDD

Tomorrow AMS meeting… Saturday JACC event… Malacca Anime Gathering… Next week Fashion show… And clubbing event.

Aww I’m so fucked.

Homework!!!!! AHhhHHHhhHHhhHHhhHhHhhH

Will do it tonight. Oh shit I forgot bout the Self Assesment pulakz. = =

Another Alex went home… OMFG….

Time to end, will post more if have good stuffs… =D =D +)

Tataz. Muakz.

*She got D for chinese, at least she passed. Thank god.*

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One Response to “It’s A Miracle! — And Yet A Scandal”

  1. dylan86 Says:

    At least u blog in his class, I used to doze off in his class last time…LOL

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