Almost Another Day


“Almost another day… She the shooting star…”


Study ah…

That day used almost 3 hours to complete the ComTech Network Topology Layout… I -> @.@” ady… damn hard to use… Microsoft Visio…

But later turned out okay la, besides the line tool.

Felt sleepy, without my headphones now…

Damn sien now… = =

Never knew braceface was that hot… LOL just can’t help glancing at her at times… lol

Darklight79 added me in FS. Never knew his gf was her. ^^”

Ah well luckily now didn’t suffer from stomach ache anymore… yesterday was like… wtf-ness

Anyway, it’s Karen C’s birthday, so wished her. I wouldn’t know if I don’t randomly message people =P

Mind blank again… Ah crap, go back sleep lah. = =

©AC07. ARR.


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