Pencerahan Agung


Lol, the first thing that came to my mind when this term is mentioned is about a holy ray of light shinning on top of your head and those angelic rythm started to take place. But thank god it’s not hallelujah lol xD

Meh, anti-Krist xD

I forgot what should I blog ady… Dang…

How I wish to get again the ‘Pencerahan Agung’ that happened a few years ago… that’s classic. It’s like getting perma-sillence during Standard 3 for 3 seconds… that’s a really breathtaking experience. =)

Yea now some might think that I’m hallucinating, but I’m not. Lol.

Downloading Bleach Episode 118… Finished Death Note Episode 21…

Haven’t study yet… Decided to fondle my cards just now…

‘What that doesn’t kill you makes you stronger’ — I sometimes find it quite true and vice versa.

To me now, ‘What that doesn’t kill you makes you suffer’

AHhhh Heck

Maybe I should thank god for saving my ass not studying Form 6 like other students. Or even better I should thank god also for a good Foundation… “good”… = =

Ah crap.

I’m blank. I lost myself. Wonder where and when only I can get back a hold of myself.

Ah damn.

High-level talk — Used by those guys in LYN lol… xD

Felt like breaking into tears now as I’d never been into such a remorseful state in my life…

WTF IS HAPPENING TO ME?!?!??! @#$%^&*(

= =

Now I didn’t see that coming. Gosh.

What happened? o.O

= =

Oh Bleach download complete. Time to watch.

Will be back soon. Soon enough.

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