RAWR Damn =((


Now I don’t know what the fuk should I blog now…

I’ll just wrap it up, Jon’s a sarcastic bastard, today talent quest Jojo is real hot and her voice owns, too bad the votes aren’t making her as a top one. = =

Walao, Daniel suddenly appeared from nowhere. Scary. oops.giftongue.gif

Got homeworks, revision, tasks, pressure and etc… the list goes on… Just hope that I can cope with it now.

Completed my VM Battle #6 – eXPeri3nc3 finally… Now all is left is my questions and summary. dry.gif Will do it tonight. Now hungry ady, need to go back to room and finish my bread and then go for dinner.

Now playing — Nickelback – Savin’ Me

Later I’ll go and emo at the lake lol.. Never tried before. AhAHhahah xD

Oh yea just now I just crafted a fix for a member in LYN… Vundo infection… Luckily it’s not those jackshit infection like ioo.exe, L2m, Alcan, etc… Those are a total fucktup shit… Makes me -> rclxub.gif

Or sometimes -> huh.gif “Shit, wtf is that shit?”

Ah… lol…


©eXPeri3nc3 07. ARR.


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