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Tired… ZzZzZ

March 5, 2007

Tired… As usual. Yesterday night can’t sleep well because of the stupid fan that ‘died’ — literally. Made sounds like an egg-beater beating wood. My gosh. shakehead.gif

Now I’m in TISCRA 1, waiting for class… Shit, for the past 2 days I didn’t study at all. Ahhhhh.


Finished Death Note till Episode 20 tho’.

I shall quit anime. Damn. Or maybe after I finish my revision or study I’ll watch anime. That includes DotA too. doh.gif

I get some enlightenment from Jeevan last nite… Lol. It does make sense.

BTW, I hate niggas! Wish them burn in hellllllll god damn faggit

Oh damn Ms Noraini Jones is taking his class… =_=||| Things will be more boring… Damn.

Guess life just sucks this year.

Will be back. *Disappears*

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