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Sigh… Life’s Like This

March 1, 2007

Life sucks. Enough said. This is really a downpour for me… =_=

Why lah… Although I turned into another person already, I’m ready to change, it’s just that I feel like I don’t have motives in life to certain extend. Well, you know, pressure. Sigh.

Now I’m trying to download Bleach Episode 117. IT Support blocked most of the sites. When you have a term ‘download’ in “inurl:”, the whole fucking page will halt. God damn it.

Thought of creating a proxy server, will fondle it when I got the chance to look at the script.

Wanted to start studying, but until now I’m still stoning. God help meh!

It’s like I am really lost, like what my mother said in the phonecall last night. =_=

What a dreadful year. Guess prayers can’t save my ass out of this one. =\

Just waiting for it to go away, that’s all. I’m not gonna tackle stupid stuffs at the moment.

Walao, Sempurna[Leslie] straight away used Vundofix when the O2 and O20 entries are missing from HJT log. =_= Lao eh…


Help meh…

I’m not emo-ing, don’t worry, I’m just out of my mind, blank, temporarily.

Hope that I don’t get BSOD then everything is ok. Lol.

Time to end. Bye.

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