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Ching Beng and Cough

March 31, 2007

Went back hometown on Friday… Sigh… 4 hour bus from KL to Ipoh… god damn it… I took my lunchbox at 3pm only… Hungry like hell… Sweating summore… Tired… After Algebra test that day… Don’t mention it.

I’m not coming back to my hometown DURING/before/after public holidays again besides CNY and Hari Raya. That’s it. Bus tickets to Kampar all SOLD OUT. WTF. Ipoh also was like… Em… dull…

And it’s fugging Pig’s day.. no wonder lah… = =|||||||

From what that seemed like an eternity… I reach Ipoh at around 8.30+- pm…. Wanna go to steven’s house ady… Den dad ask me go back… If the bus didn’t come and it started raining earlier I might have end up in Steven’s house and lose my virginity =P

Anyway…. *ahem*

Coming back to my hometown was one thing.. I did not foresee that I need to go for Ching Beng…. Damn… My dad was the mastermind! What the heck…


Damn, my cough… _>

Elaine and her plus that gila babi twin sister went for undang today… = =|||
I wonder when would I be going for mine…

It’s late… 5min more for completion.. So let it go la…

So, this shall end… Ah yea my tongue hurts.. God damn…

GOD, please kickstart me… Let me understand Economics and Algebra please… I beg j00………….

Miracles never fail. I hope.

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March 29, 2007

Lawl, my first youtube video, and guess one, it’s kickass time

Who the hell that doesn’t believe someone can login Novell less then 10 secs?

Someone email-ed someone and that someone doesn’t believe that someone can do that. Now eat this.

I wonder how he got his position in SA. Sumore running for *ahem* top position now. Sigh. Sad Case.

Chiao, wish me good luck for Applied Algebra test, before that quickly finish Bleach 120 and go study… Besides that I’d finish Death Note 24 as well… =D


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GG — I’m Dead Meat This Time

March 28, 2007

Okay, let’s get down to business.

Economics Assignment — FY, Robert, Jon, Ghay Singaporean[The only ghay fker in Business Fd.], Me, another alex, Saiful.

With these guys around = The assignment = GG

IT Assignment(Digital Media) – Me, Kevin, one chinese guy[sissy as well], and other fkers. Other fkers include one that I’d deducted his marks for not contributing a single idea. = GG as well, not as bad as Economics anyway, I still can handle this

IT Assignment(Com Tech) – Another freaking poster — The same group as before, this will turn out ok I guess… “guess”

Foundation in Maths test tomorrow = gg

Applied Algebra 9 questions 1 hour on Friday = gg

Econs Test 30 MCQ Next week -> Not yet study a single shit = gg

English Test Listening and duno some shit tomorrow = gg

TechSupportForum STA VM Battle #7 — Status — Incomplete yet = gg

English Questionnaire -> One female nigger in my group, was quarantined cos fell sick = GG

No CALMAT – Saved my ass

No World Econs, Management = Saved my ass as well.

Oh man, 2 Aegis can’t save me this time… = =||| I’m doomed… Fell sick as well… Struggle…

The real battle starts now!

50cent Bankai~*!

©AC07. ARR.

Tamedesu…~* Yitai!

March 24, 2007

A lot of stuffs happened, I mean a lot… Serious. Until I’m so blur that I can’t even trackback wtf happened past few days… = =


I rather keep a real diary then = =||| Sometimes walking back to my room got the oomph to blog pulakz. What lah, so screwed up.

I forgot where am I… I’m LOST. Noooooooooo

Anyway, fell sick, recovering, and my medicine played the fool on me… Now, where are you biatch!

It disappeared from my bag, my room, friend’s car… 3rd dimension? o.O

Now that’s weird shit…

Updated my Friendster pix regarding the GACC outing… And stuffs…

Been depressed lately since my tongue is dumb… Frequent LYN Kopitiam-ers will now… Lawl.

Awww shit I halted at my log, might continue tomorrow…

I was supposed to study Calculus / Applied Algebra, and what had I done here, finished watching D-Gray.Man… I shall condemn myself from stepping even one step into Tiscra at NIGHT. Noooo, tame… “You can’t do that to me”… OMG, I’m hallucinating…. Nooo

= =|||

Anyway, it’s like Eminem – Lose Yourself

“This opportunity comes once in a lifetime…”

True indeed.

Good gawd plz kickstart my ass… I beg j00 = =

Ah yeah, I think I found a way to hijack the speed factor into the TISCRA computers… I know how ady now… nyahahhahaha… theory proven by Wee Kiat… Need to trial run another time to testify the fact… *evil grin*

Oh boy, I’m evil.. Muahahhah xD

Monoka, Mokona… Whatever… The cute white stuff hanging in Kwang’s car…

Don’t tell me that evil thing abducted my medicine?! Noooooooo… Period.

Some nice stats, I never knew Sony acts as an ISP too… Good stuff.


Damn cool.. I never knew someone from Egypt, Turkey or Ireland will visit my blog… Lol…

Now. If only God grant me another wish…

Ah yeah, I just noticed that UNiM is not as dead as it could be…

And I need to apply censorship, since (as you refer to the pic), so many hits from UNiM…

You may hide behind the box, I can hide my details also…

Ok la, enough ady.

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Was thinking of stuffs when…

March 17, 2007

… I finally logged into Blogger and forgot what should I type… = =

It happens from time to time…

Maybe I should use notepad instead… = =

Life’s been challenging. Everyday new shit happens.

You might not know where it might led you to, turn you into what, and what will you expect will be hell different.

That’s life.

I just hope that I could cope with my university’s life. = =

©eX07. ARR.

It’s A Miracle! — And Yet A Scandal

March 12, 2007

It’s a fking miracle! I didn’t blog during Aries Ang’s class today! Hurray… Lol

Ya know why? Javascript… Ofc la… brows.gif

Anyway, here’s the scandal.

Screw the parliaments. No holding hands in the park? Now wtf is this? You tell me.

Aww man suddenly got the urge to go to Ipoh… Lol brows.gif

Don’t know what happened to my stomach, keeps on mixing with air, and letting it out. Exhaust waste biggrin.gif

Went to toilet a few times also, god damn it!

Now playing — Il Divo — The Time of Our Lives

Javascript Injection FTW~*!


Now If only I can hack gunbound gold with that way… =D

Buahhahah xDDDDDD

Tomorrow AMS meeting… Saturday JACC event… Malacca Anime Gathering… Next week Fashion show… And clubbing event.

Aww I’m so fucked.

Homework!!!!! AHhhHHHhhHHhhHHhhHhHhhH

Will do it tonight. Oh shit I forgot bout the Self Assesment pulakz. = =

Another Alex went home… OMFG….

Time to end, will post more if have good stuffs… =D =D +)

Tataz. Muakz.

*She got D for chinese, at least she passed. Thank god.*

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Almost Another Day

March 10, 2007

“Almost another day… She the shooting star…”


Study ah…

That day used almost 3 hours to complete the ComTech Network Topology Layout… I -> @.@” ady… damn hard to use… Microsoft Visio…

But later turned out okay la, besides the line tool.

Felt sleepy, without my headphones now…

Damn sien now… = =

Never knew braceface was that hot… LOL just can’t help glancing at her at times… lol

Darklight79 added me in FS. Never knew his gf was her. ^^”

Ah well luckily now didn’t suffer from stomach ache anymore… yesterday was like… wtf-ness

Anyway, it’s Karen C’s birthday, so wished her. I wouldn’t know if I don’t randomly message people =P

Mind blank again… Ah crap, go back sleep lah. = =

©AC07. ARR.

Pencerahan Agung

March 8, 2007

Lol, the first thing that came to my mind when this term is mentioned is about a holy ray of light shinning on top of your head and those angelic rythm started to take place. But thank god it’s not hallelujah lol xD

Meh, anti-Krist xD

I forgot what should I blog ady… Dang…

How I wish to get again the ‘Pencerahan Agung’ that happened a few years ago… that’s classic. It’s like getting perma-sillence during Standard 3 for 3 seconds… that’s a really breathtaking experience. =)

Yea now some might think that I’m hallucinating, but I’m not. Lol.

Downloading Bleach Episode 118… Finished Death Note Episode 21…

Haven’t study yet… Decided to fondle my cards just now…

‘What that doesn’t kill you makes you stronger’ — I sometimes find it quite true and vice versa.

To me now, ‘What that doesn’t kill you makes you suffer’

AHhhh Heck

Maybe I should thank god for saving my ass not studying Form 6 like other students. Or even better I should thank god also for a good Foundation… “good”… = =

Ah crap.

I’m blank. I lost myself. Wonder where and when only I can get back a hold of myself.

Ah damn.

High-level talk — Used by those guys in LYN lol… xD

Felt like breaking into tears now as I’d never been into such a remorseful state in my life…

WTF IS HAPPENING TO ME?!?!??! @#$%^&*(

= =

Now I didn’t see that coming. Gosh.

What happened? o.O

= =

Oh Bleach download complete. Time to watch.

Will be back soon. Soon enough.

©eXXie 07. All rights reserved.

RAWR Damn =((

March 7, 2007

Now I don’t know what the fuk should I blog now…

I’ll just wrap it up, Jon’s a sarcastic bastard, today talent quest Jojo is real hot and her voice owns, too bad the votes aren’t making her as a top one. = =

Walao, Daniel suddenly appeared from nowhere. Scary. oops.giftongue.gif

Got homeworks, revision, tasks, pressure and etc… the list goes on… Just hope that I can cope with it now.

Completed my VM Battle #6 – eXPeri3nc3 finally… Now all is left is my questions and summary. dry.gif Will do it tonight. Now hungry ady, need to go back to room and finish my bread and then go for dinner.

Now playing — Nickelback – Savin’ Me

Later I’ll go and emo at the lake lol.. Never tried before. AhAHhahah xD

Oh yea just now I just crafted a fix for a member in LYN… Vundo infection… Luckily it’s not those jackshit infection like ioo.exe, L2m, Alcan, etc… Those are a total fucktup shit… Makes me -> rclxub.gif

Or sometimes -> huh.gif “Shit, wtf is that shit?”

Ah… lol…


©eXPeri3nc3 07. ARR.

Tired… ZzZzZ

March 5, 2007

Tired… As usual. Yesterday night can’t sleep well because of the stupid fan that ‘died’ — literally. Made sounds like an egg-beater beating wood. My gosh. shakehead.gif

Now I’m in TISCRA 1, waiting for class… Shit, for the past 2 days I didn’t study at all. Ahhhhh.


Finished Death Note till Episode 20 tho’.

I shall quit anime. Damn. Or maybe after I finish my revision or study I’ll watch anime. That includes DotA too. doh.gif

I get some enlightenment from Jeevan last nite… Lol. It does make sense.

BTW, I hate niggas! Wish them burn in hellllllll god damn faggit

Oh damn Ms Noraini Jones is taking his class… =_=||| Things will be more boring… Damn.

Guess life just sucks this year.

Will be back. *Disappears*

©AC 07. ARR.