OMFG It’s Back! Oh Noes!


OMFG It’s Back! Oh Noes! — My blurness… My luck is also down to the drain… Ah… Pig’s Year so to mention… *shakes head in depression*

I can still remember the first time I posted my first blogspot post same time and same place right now. Lol. Aries Ang’s class… Sweat… = =”

Now playing — Bleach – YUI – Rolling Star (PV Rip)

Aries Ang is still teaching, but I’m blogging and surfing. This shows that how boring is his class… I never even touch a chapter of what he has thought yet. It’s not the sense of ego, but, sooner or late r I need to touch it also. Sweat. = =”

Today’s Highlights – I lost the one and only picture Elaine gave me which contains her! OMFG.

Back to flashback first.

Sunday, woke up in the morning… Saw Nic at his room… Chatted with him and went to lunch in SA togehter. Saw WenJia there too. WenJia and I went to Computer Lab while Nic headed back to his room.

TISCRA lor… As usual. Same spot, “my pc”. Haha.

WenBin messaged me said that he manage to share his anime via FTP… Well let’s try now. BRB.

Well, he’s away again… zzz test that later.

Let’s continue. DL-ed Death Note First Episode… and find it damn funny… Death God got nothing better to do compared to the Shinigami in Bleach… Lmao xD

Never noticed Kwang was talking to me while he’s behind me… I was too into something in the screen, I forgot.. I think it’s Windows Vista. Jeevan came too.

Went dinner together, with Priscilla. My god. = =

Thank God nothing happened. Oh shit come to think of it I might had drop that picture at Billion when I buy my bread… Ah fucking bread.

Let’s just pray god that it’s in Jeevan’s Room or Kwang’s Chair. = =” since I was on alcohol… I mean beer and Anglia lol… and guessed what watched Eurotrip =X

Well guess I still can’t figure it out where I dropped it… Sigh… Sad… I feel suicidal. 1.5 X 1.5 CM. = =

Ah damn it’s damn slow to DL anime from his PC… zzz HTTP transfer aborted.

Where am I… I really hope I didn’t drop it at BILLION… Haih…

Updated friendster pictures today.

Class was okay… zzz Felt tired now… Can doze off ady.. Oh snap, I still need to complete the stupid questionnaire thing… Ah! Damn!

For god sake please bless me with anything, wind, angel, holy water, wtf… etc.


Crap… Oh it’s lesson break now. I never even noticed. = =

Now playing — Bleach – D-Technolife (PV Rip)

Ah well I really hope that the nightmares will end soon. I don’t mind saying my prayers more often if it helps! God please help me, this little poor soul!

©eXPeri3nc3 07. ARR.


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