WtF Mode Again


Yea right, I’m back to UNiM again. University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus… It seems more like a death town to me during weekends… I rather stay in Ipoh if I knew this would happen to me… Ah damn… Guess I can’t rant much tho’ =s

Anyway, I’d never had this feeling since years. Serious. The other times was like, ah, ok, time to emo-over-silly-stuffs-and-then-poof-gone case. It’s different, way different. It’s a combination of passionate, love, anger, sad, anxious, worry, lazy, tired, lust, envy, sloth and the list goes on. Guess this is life… I can’t choose.

I am very blur right now, I make so many typing mistakes just now… =_= It’s like my biological clock is changing each second and each particle of my body is mutating and has a mind of it’s own. Now that’s scary…

I’ll try to recall what happened today.

After posting my last post, the gang in #lowyat IRC chan was like wtf when they found out I got a pet-sis roflxD What’s so abnormal about that? It’s just a pet-sis anyway. =\

Probably that’ll be the last time hanging out in IRC… UNiM blocked the ports. Sad case.

I just recalled that I didn’t listen to this song for a long time, let me change to this particular song which suits perfectly what I’m having now.

Now Playing – Daniel Powter – Bad Day

well yea, what a bad day. =_=

Went out for lunch… With dad. Later went to the bus station. Lounge, I prefer to call it. Went into the bus, and a small commotion happened between me and a girl, which I’m already damn pissed off that time.

Ah heck whatever. Went to KL, fell asleep a few times. Oh, I did message “her” btw. =)

Chatted a while… It’s a gap of time when she replied, probably she’s buzy over something. But I believe there’s another reason to that which I can’t reveal it here due to privacy.

What else eh, ah yeah I can’t believe that Nishan Singh, the legendary singh with a turban on his head appeared in my face WITHOUT a turban anymore. So I was like, wow, WTF. That’s cool.

He’s studying in Nirvana College… Well it might sound nice but to me it seems like a place for people to rest in peace afterlife lol… Not insulting but just stating out what I had in mind.

Went down in KL Sentral, as the bus don’t know why on earth he took that route. Ah, someone imposed my friend You Yuan[lolz_5167] and called me for technical support. Come to think of it I’m still damn pissed off. Wait till I know who’s the f***ker.

Now playing – Bleach — D-technolife (PV Rip)

Took KTM and went back Kajang. Took a taxi and withdraw some money from Semenyih’s Maybank Branch. When I reach campus, and paid the taxi fee, I was stoned. RM25?! RM5 increase? … Speechless… But nevermind… The incedent that’s gonna pissed me off totally is gonna happen.

Went back room, unpack stuffs… Move around the room… Then I noticed that, “Wow, they cleaned the house” [I mean the pile of junk at a corner before CNY] When I walk closer I was like WTF. Someone STOLE my SHOELACE! Cmon man, SHOELACE… From my shoe… Which one of it lost a pad, the shoe pad… And someone stole my shoelace… WTF?!?!?! WTF happened to me? I’m putting my New Dunlop Badminton Shoes inside man, that’s freaking scary.

Luckily I didn’t have anything precious nor expensive outside of my room. Thank God.

SMSed with her… Intimacy… =P

My resolution[resolve for Bankai LOL =P] – get a new 016 SIM[as the one she gave me expired as I didn’t topup TISCRA. Sat behind the computer I always use as someone’s there. Then changed back to this computer. ^^

It’s 11 something.. I’d been here since 6+++ my god…

Haih… What is love?

That’s worth questioning.

Now playing – Bleach – YUI – Rolling Star (PV Rip)

Ah yea another funny thing happened is I forgot to bring my short pants back to university, which means that I need to wear long jeans for 2 weeks… My god… =_=||| Now that’s… Unbelievable. My gawd!

Jesus Christ is In Heaven. AMEN.

Dorodarake Rolling Star~* Lol… =P

Well… guess I should end now?

Will be back for more action. LawL.

©eXXie 2007. ARR.


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