Reality is harsh


Reality is harsh. Nuff’ said. *stuns*

Alright, let’s try to trackback what had happened past few days.

First day of CNY, went to a few friends house, got some angpao… Watched Bleach at usual, fireworks. Speaking about fireworks, the gang, [me, bin, hock ken, keryang, small kit, small kit’s cousin] got raided by police after we released a 50blast fireworks… Kancil with a police blue light on the roof… We were so terrified and we scrambled to the backalley… Went into a friend’s house via backdoor. Sigh, sad case.

Second day, watched Bleach also… Not much for the thrid day also… Erm, by today I’d finished watching Bleach ady… Episode 115, where Arrancar came down to Karakura Town… Good memory haha… =D

Played fireworks too, bought some and played… Damn high and loud… Went to IMAX… Played around RM8+++ and I’m like WTF just happened… zzz

Went to MahaMaju and took supper, free I mean lol. We went away [Me, Bin, Kit, Hock Ken] after that.

Then yesterday night Elaine and her brother with another joker came to my house… Bin was there too. Talked for a while and eventually I followed them to Ipoh. My state turned from bad to worse. >..


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