Report on V-Day and coming CNY


Yes it’s me again. =)

Ah, screw Firefox, it moves up and down when I wanna blog. Gay attitude, tho’ I dunno what the heck happened. Sweat…

So, V-Day has passed, and CNY is yet to come… 1 more day, as it’s 12.52am Saturday already. Suddenly got some flashbacks while I’m seeing my MSN contacts… Hmm…

Ah screw girls, they’re all the same. Something that can’t be cured. ZzZz… Now I know why “they” call PharmNotts bitches… *sigh*

Hock Ken don’t have enough cash to buy 3 decks for me… Wtf… As usual… Screw 9 him during CNY.

Back to V-Day… Another usual day… Just don’t get it, out of the blue I’m acting as I’m a pathetic loser and felt sad… Not because that I don’t have a gf, well undenialbly that’s also a minor reason, but the main one is if I had not mistaken myself, it should be “I can’t feel that the love is in the air”. Yeap, I see ppl giving their gf’s flowers, PharmNott Angels roaming around to deliver their “customer” messages… etc… But so?

At night… Pawned Jonathan in DotA for 1 match, I was so flared up when he challenge me. Won one game at least lol. Necrolyte, 1v1 with Priestess of The Moon. He randomed I picked. He laughed as I got bad recalls with that hero… He pawned me when I was Viper playing with Jeev and Kwang as a team… Well… You know… No mood one…

Aghanim Scepter, Kelen Dagger of Escape, Preseverence, Boots of Speed, Stygian Desolator, Ring of Basilus and he left, same built with that day in Sg Long 2 DKs and 1 TK end game. Guess my best hero was not Akasha, Viper nor Krobelus afterall. Lol.

That’s how I made my day. Later on at night got free dinner, Kwang’s cooking, and his somehow related family member and friends came over too. Got cheated when we[Jonny, me and Daniel] thought that we’re going to NT Zone after mamak session… Damn. Ended up playing Death Note WIII lol… Pawnage game…

The next day I rush back to my hometown… Bus… Delayed because traffic jam. Hmm… Last nite Jon called me because his pc got problem… Talked for a period of time until he gave up. He sent his computer to a technician and replied me today that his graphic card died. Well… Lightning… Damn scary.

Another stupid incident happened. I invited Susan into conference, she’s away. And yet, you know what, she blamed me for having “perverts” in front of her screen and get her insulted… Never mind, after apologising she still yells at me… I’m so pissed that time. I’m like wtf? You think you’re the only one pissed off? It’s not my fault anyway, freedom of speech, take that fucking conversation or leave it. That’s it. And tho’ I’m a chauvinist, I finally came to a conclusion, girls sucks, don’t mess with them.

Just entered MIRC… LYN Chan. Haha… Continue…

Today… Woke up at around 1pm… zzz Dose off… Surf net practice my cards until now. Went to Bin’s house watch anime… Bleach! Epi 82… ZzZz Had a glimpse on the new Naruto Grown Up Anime… Cool…

Well.. Guess that’s all… Nothing much to say anymore tho’…

Peace out.


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