Sweat bigtime


Hmm… Life’s unfair, unstable, nothing’s for certain. What you see, obtain, touch, feel now might not be the same a moment later. That’s life.

Wished to elaborate more on that part, but, seems like my mood to blog dropped down to the drain… I’m glad at least I’m still typing stuffs in here. =)

Helped Grajindo with his HJT, lao eh, Vundo infection, damn severe some more… So many infected DLL… zzz It’s a hard one to tackle. Wish me good luck!

Hijacked the comp, the usual comp, now I can store stuffs in Desktop again. Just like last time… I don’t know how I did that, but, I’m just playing with Kwang’s portable HDD with OS in it, and rebooted several times and end up with a workstation account and login instant. I mean instant! History files stay the same too… Now this rocks… Haha…

Erm, what else… class damn boring… Felt like falling asleep… Also, today I’m a bit too smart, went to Blue Building, thought got English Class, but end up running back to Central Teaching for Balrama Class Maths… Damn smart… Still can spam summore in LYN today haha…

Just came back from SIFE fashion show just now… Those who didn’t join obviously looks better. Sigh, that’s the catch. Had a look with Sean Der’s DSLR, damn cool. I like it, I would like one too xD

I really cannot stand with Jonathan’s attitude, sucks big time. Really getting onto my nerves. And yet, he still act like he’s superior… Crap. What a dude.

Bleach update – Watched until Episode 071 half way and went to dinner. Haha… Got a lot to catchup now…

Didn’t practice my card tricks… Flourish too… zzz… Damn I really felt like collapsing in front of the pc now… *yawnz*

I think this should be enough for time being.

I’ll be back for more… Stay tuned.

I’m out.

©eXPeri3nc3 07. All rights reserved.


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