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OMFG… -_- What Teh Hell…

February 28, 2007

It’s me again. =3

After posting yesterday’s updates, went for Anime Manga Society meeting. Ah well watched Naruto Shippuden… = =

Saw shuffle memories in another room… Lao harem anime… .


Aww Fuck

February 27, 2007

Well, there’s good and bad news. Good news is Dexter found back my photo in F1A02… = =

Bad news is, my test results down to the drain, Economics and English deproved like cock… my gosh…

Guess this time need to rev it up already. Pump it up!

CWA of 55 only… zzz I need to maintain 65… That means this Semester I need to get at least 75! = =”

Ace my exams… Good lord. Shrine your intelligence on me please.

I’m sure that I’ll face ‘tienchu’ this time… aih…

Will be back. *runs to a corner and cries*

©eXXie 07. ARR. It is time…

OMFG It’s Back! Oh Noes!

February 26, 2007

OMFG It’s Back! Oh Noes! — My blurness… My luck is also down to the drain… Ah… Pig’s Year so to mention… *shakes head in depression*

I can still remember the first time I posted my first blogspot post same time and same place right now. Lol. Aries Ang’s class… Sweat… = =”

Now playing — Bleach – YUI – Rolling Star (PV Rip)

Aries Ang is still teaching, but I’m blogging and surfing. This shows that how boring is his class… I never even touch a chapter of what he has thought yet. It’s not the sense of ego, but, sooner or late r I need to touch it also. Sweat. = =”

Today’s Highlights – I lost the one and only picture Elaine gave me which contains her! OMFG.

Back to flashback first.

Sunday, woke up in the morning… Saw Nic at his room… Chatted with him and went to lunch in SA togehter. Saw WenJia there too. WenJia and I went to Computer Lab while Nic headed back to his room.

TISCRA lor… As usual. Same spot, “my pc”. Haha.

WenBin messaged me said that he manage to share his anime via FTP… Well let’s try now. BRB.

Well, he’s away again… zzz test that later.

Let’s continue. DL-ed Death Note First Episode… and find it damn funny… Death God got nothing better to do compared to the Shinigami in Bleach… Lmao xD

Never noticed Kwang was talking to me while he’s behind me… I was too into something in the screen, I forgot.. I think it’s Windows Vista. Jeevan came too.

Went dinner together, with Priscilla. My god. = =

Thank God nothing happened. Oh shit come to think of it I might had drop that picture at Billion when I buy my bread… Ah fucking bread.

Let’s just pray god that it’s in Jeevan’s Room or Kwang’s Chair. = =” since I was on alcohol… I mean beer and Anglia lol… and guessed what watched Eurotrip =X

Well guess I still can’t figure it out where I dropped it… Sigh… Sad… I feel suicidal. 1.5 X 1.5 CM. = =

Ah damn it’s damn slow to DL anime from his PC… zzz HTTP transfer aborted.

Where am I… I really hope I didn’t drop it at BILLION… Haih…

Updated friendster pictures today.

Class was okay… zzz Felt tired now… Can doze off ady.. Oh snap, I still need to complete the stupid questionnaire thing… Ah! Damn!

For god sake please bless me with anything, wind, angel, holy water, wtf… etc.


Crap… Oh it’s lesson break now. I never even noticed. = =

Now playing — Bleach – D-Technolife (PV Rip)

Ah well I really hope that the nightmares will end soon. I don’t mind saying my prayers more often if it helps! God please help me, this little poor soul!

©eXPeri3nc3 07. ARR.

WtF Mode Again

February 24, 2007

Yea right, I’m back to UNiM again. University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus… It seems more like a death town to me during weekends… I rather stay in Ipoh if I knew this would happen to me… Ah damn… Guess I can’t rant much tho’ =s

Anyway, I’d never had this feeling since years. Serious. The other times was like, ah, ok, time to emo-over-silly-stuffs-and-then-poof-gone case. It’s different, way different. It’s a combination of passionate, love, anger, sad, anxious, worry, lazy, tired, lust, envy, sloth and the list goes on. Guess this is life… I can’t choose.

I am very blur right now, I make so many typing mistakes just now… =_= It’s like my biological clock is changing each second and each particle of my body is mutating and has a mind of it’s own. Now that’s scary…

I’ll try to recall what happened today.

After posting my last post, the gang in #lowyat IRC chan was like wtf when they found out I got a pet-sis roflxD What’s so abnormal about that? It’s just a pet-sis anyway. =\

Probably that’ll be the last time hanging out in IRC… UNiM blocked the ports. Sad case.

I just recalled that I didn’t listen to this song for a long time, let me change to this particular song which suits perfectly what I’m having now.

Now Playing – Daniel Powter – Bad Day

well yea, what a bad day. =_=

Went out for lunch… With dad. Later went to the bus station. Lounge, I prefer to call it. Went into the bus, and a small commotion happened between me and a girl, which I’m already damn pissed off that time.

Ah heck whatever. Went to KL, fell asleep a few times. Oh, I did message “her” btw. =)

Chatted a while… It’s a gap of time when she replied, probably she’s buzy over something. But I believe there’s another reason to that which I can’t reveal it here due to privacy.

What else eh, ah yeah I can’t believe that Nishan Singh, the legendary singh with a turban on his head appeared in my face WITHOUT a turban anymore. So I was like, wow, WTF. That’s cool.

He’s studying in Nirvana College… Well it might sound nice but to me it seems like a place for people to rest in peace afterlife lol… Not insulting but just stating out what I had in mind.

Went down in KL Sentral, as the bus don’t know why on earth he took that route. Ah, someone imposed my friend You Yuan[lolz_5167] and called me for technical support. Come to think of it I’m still damn pissed off. Wait till I know who’s the f***ker.

Now playing – Bleach — D-technolife (PV Rip)

Took KTM and went back Kajang. Took a taxi and withdraw some money from Semenyih’s Maybank Branch. When I reach campus, and paid the taxi fee, I was stoned. RM25?! RM5 increase? … Speechless… But nevermind… The incedent that’s gonna pissed me off totally is gonna happen.

Went back room, unpack stuffs… Move around the room… Then I noticed that, “Wow, they cleaned the house” [I mean the pile of junk at a corner before CNY] When I walk closer I was like WTF. Someone STOLE my SHOELACE! Cmon man, SHOELACE… From my shoe… Which one of it lost a pad, the shoe pad… And someone stole my shoelace… WTF?!?!?! WTF happened to me? I’m putting my New Dunlop Badminton Shoes inside man, that’s freaking scary.

Luckily I didn’t have anything precious nor expensive outside of my room. Thank God.

SMSed with her… Intimacy… =P

My resolution[resolve for Bankai LOL =P] – get a new 016 SIM[as the one she gave me expired as I didn’t topup TISCRA. Sat behind the computer I always use as someone’s there. Then changed back to this computer. ^^

It’s 11 something.. I’d been here since 6+++ my god…

Haih… What is love?

That’s worth questioning.

Now playing – Bleach – YUI – Rolling Star (PV Rip)

Ah yea another funny thing happened is I forgot to bring my short pants back to university, which means that I need to wear long jeans for 2 weeks… My god… =_=||| Now that’s… Unbelievable. My gawd!

Jesus Christ is In Heaven. AMEN.

Dorodarake Rolling Star~* Lol… =P

Well… guess I should end now?

Will be back for more action. LawL.

©eXXie 2007. ARR.

Aftermath… =)

February 23, 2007

I’m back… =D But going out to KL soon… 1pm today… T.T I’ll miss Kampar and *ahem* someone special to me 😉

Now playing – Jewel Song — Thanks Elaine!

Ah screw this monitor… Turned into yellow colour ady… Dang… Anyway… Let’s continue before time runs out.

As I’d promised earlier, I’ll be back with more info… *evil grin* lmao xD

After that stuff I typed… We went out for supper… Noodles with chicken… Ipoh’s delicacy… Tho’ it’s not the famous stall, but still the chicken pawns… *thumbs up* I like the milo ice as well… Haha… Kao Kao… ^^

Poh gave me some noodles as she can’t finish everything… Ate everything up, ended up a full tank stomach… >D

She sat beside me that time as my pet-sis pushed her in… So… You’ll get the idea… lol

Speechless for the rest of the time… When it comes to depart I felt like unpleasant yet happy at the same time as that baka-san is FINALLY LOST FROM MY SIGHT… God damn you bastard

She bumped into me and said Goodbye… Same here.

Went into the van… Went back pet-sis house… Ran up the room… I fail to recall what I’d done here… But roughly I think that I’d checked my GWMail… and some stuffs lah… Then that Poh came in again…. . o.O wtf? = =

Waited for the 3 girls to finish their baths… zzzz Was playing with my pet-sis’s N80… Fullamak terror! Ownage phone! But quite bulky lah… Was listening to well now it’s playing in my winamp lol… Jewel Song… Then First Love… I really really almost fell asleep… I waited for them to come out…

I see an opportunity… *ahem* *censored*

My pet-sis went to another toilet, then *poof*

*Nothing happen… nothing… =P*

*I won’t forget that moment >D tho’ damn awkward… but… *ahem* it’s once in a lifetime… Lol*

It’s not like what you had in mind… So… Don’t let your filthy thinking pollute what you’re seeing now… >D

Chatted a while… Then it rained… Leave the room because my pet-sis’s friend came to fetch me back to Kampar… Woot

She[pet-sis] turned off the room lights… and both me and her are still in the room… She have some problems with her eye-sight[short sighted], so I held her hand and lead her out of the room.. It’s really almost pitch black inside… I could barely see her… After we came out from the room we were like so stunned and don’t want to let go… =P When my pet-sis came into sight she quickly let go her hand… *blushed again* My pet-sis laughed… Went down the stairs… Said farewell to auntie… Apparently a few friends of auntie’s knew my mom as well, so said Hi to them.

Entered a green MYVI… Woo… She sat in the middle I sat on the left side with my luggage.
Luckily, *thank god* Poh sat in front… So they chatted lor… I joined in a bit… self-intro-ed to that guy… We haven’t met each other, yet, he’s fetching me back =D *brb check MIRC #lowyat*

Back… Went to Jusco… Ipoh Jusco… As they wanted to watch movie next day… So they went up and bought the tickets. As usual… Ghost Rider… Lol

I haven’t watched it tho’ =\

Went to the Arcade… Watched her played the somewhatlike SDO thingy… I couldn’t do better… *I feel so inferior now* *cries* =P

Erm, walked to McD, ate Sundae… Sat in front of her while the others go and buy Ice Cream… Chatted lor…

Then conversed… *ahem* *censored again*

Cannot be released live… If not I’m dead… LOL

Let’s fast forward the story*********************

Went back to the car… It rained again… zzz

On the way back… Heard of some cantonese songs that said when a couple held their hands they can understand each other feelings and something like that… Right at that time my hand was… on… her… leg only lol as I got no other better place to put =P

No lah… Luggage mah… and I was asking her some stuffs…


*fast forward*

Held her hand. She used my jacket to cover it. You’ll get the idea why when you reach the end of the post.

Went to Wahloong, somewhere in Kampar where they wanna find their Ipoh friend that came back to Kampar…

Reality is harsh

February 21, 2007

Reality is harsh. Nuff’ said. *stuns*

Alright, let’s try to trackback what had happened past few days.

First day of CNY, went to a few friends house, got some angpao… Watched Bleach at usual, fireworks. Speaking about fireworks, the gang, [me, bin, hock ken, keryang, small kit, small kit’s cousin] got raided by police after we released a 50blast fireworks… Kancil with a police blue light on the roof… We were so terrified and we scrambled to the backalley… Went into a friend’s house via backdoor. Sigh, sad case.

Second day, watched Bleach also… Not much for the thrid day also… Erm, by today I’d finished watching Bleach ady… Episode 115, where Arrancar came down to Karakura Town… Good memory haha… =D

Played fireworks too, bought some and played… Damn high and loud… Went to IMAX… Played around RM8+++ and I’m like WTF just happened… zzz

Went to MahaMaju and took supper, free I mean lol. We went away [Me, Bin, Kit, Hock Ken] after that.

Then yesterday night Elaine and her brother with another joker came to my house… Bin was there too. Talked for a while and eventually I followed them to Ipoh. My state turned from bad to worse. >..

Report on V-Day and coming CNY

February 16, 2007

Yes it’s me again. =)

Ah, screw Firefox, it moves up and down when I wanna blog. Gay attitude, tho’ I dunno what the heck happened. Sweat…

So, V-Day has passed, and CNY is yet to come… 1 more day, as it’s 12.52am Saturday already. Suddenly got some flashbacks while I’m seeing my MSN contacts… Hmm…

Ah screw girls, they’re all the same. Something that can’t be cured. ZzZz… Now I know why “they” call PharmNotts bitches… *sigh*

Hock Ken don’t have enough cash to buy 3 decks for me… Wtf… As usual… Screw 9 him during CNY.

Back to V-Day… Another usual day… Just don’t get it, out of the blue I’m acting as I’m a pathetic loser and felt sad… Not because that I don’t have a gf, well undenialbly that’s also a minor reason, but the main one is if I had not mistaken myself, it should be “I can’t feel that the love is in the air”. Yeap, I see ppl giving their gf’s flowers, PharmNott Angels roaming around to deliver their “customer” messages… etc… But so?

At night… Pawned Jonathan in DotA for 1 match, I was so flared up when he challenge me. Won one game at least lol. Necrolyte, 1v1 with Priestess of The Moon. He randomed I picked. He laughed as I got bad recalls with that hero… He pawned me when I was Viper playing with Jeev and Kwang as a team… Well… You know… No mood one…

Aghanim Scepter, Kelen Dagger of Escape, Preseverence, Boots of Speed, Stygian Desolator, Ring of Basilus and he left, same built with that day in Sg Long 2 DKs and 1 TK end game. Guess my best hero was not Akasha, Viper nor Krobelus afterall. Lol.

That’s how I made my day. Later on at night got free dinner, Kwang’s cooking, and his somehow related family member and friends came over too. Got cheated when we[Jonny, me and Daniel] thought that we’re going to NT Zone after mamak session… Damn. Ended up playing Death Note WIII lol… Pawnage game…

The next day I rush back to my hometown… Bus… Delayed because traffic jam. Hmm… Last nite Jon called me because his pc got problem… Talked for a period of time until he gave up. He sent his computer to a technician and replied me today that his graphic card died. Well… Lightning… Damn scary.

Another stupid incident happened. I invited Susan into conference, she’s away. And yet, you know what, she blamed me for having “perverts” in front of her screen and get her insulted… Never mind, after apologising she still yells at me… I’m so pissed that time. I’m like wtf? You think you’re the only one pissed off? It’s not my fault anyway, freedom of speech, take that fucking conversation or leave it. That’s it. And tho’ I’m a chauvinist, I finally came to a conclusion, girls sucks, don’t mess with them.

Just entered MIRC… LYN Chan. Haha… Continue…

Today… Woke up at around 1pm… zzz Dose off… Surf net practice my cards until now. Went to Bin’s house watch anime… Bleach! Epi 82… ZzZz Had a glimpse on the new Naruto Grown Up Anime… Cool…

Well.. Guess that’s all… Nothing much to say anymore tho’…

Peace out.

Sweat bigtime

February 12, 2007

Hmm… Life’s unfair, unstable, nothing’s for certain. What you see, obtain, touch, feel now might not be the same a moment later. That’s life.

Wished to elaborate more on that part, but, seems like my mood to blog dropped down to the drain… I’m glad at least I’m still typing stuffs in here. =)

Helped Grajindo with his HJT, lao eh, Vundo infection, damn severe some more… So many infected DLL… zzz It’s a hard one to tackle. Wish me good luck!

Hijacked the comp, the usual comp, now I can store stuffs in Desktop again. Just like last time… I don’t know how I did that, but, I’m just playing with Kwang’s portable HDD with OS in it, and rebooted several times and end up with a workstation account and login instant. I mean instant! History files stay the same too… Now this rocks… Haha…

Erm, what else… class damn boring… Felt like falling asleep… Also, today I’m a bit too smart, went to Blue Building, thought got English Class, but end up running back to Central Teaching for Balrama Class Maths… Damn smart… Still can spam summore in LYN today haha…

Just came back from SIFE fashion show just now… Those who didn’t join obviously looks better. Sigh, that’s the catch. Had a look with Sean Der’s DSLR, damn cool. I like it, I would like one too xD

I really cannot stand with Jonathan’s attitude, sucks big time. Really getting onto my nerves. And yet, he still act like he’s superior… Crap. What a dude.

Bleach update – Watched until Episode 071 half way and went to dinner. Haha… Got a lot to catchup now…

Didn’t practice my card tricks… Flourish too… zzz… Damn I really felt like collapsing in front of the pc now… *yawnz*

I think this should be enough for time being.

I’ll be back for more… Stay tuned.

I’m out.

©eXPeri3nc3 07. All rights reserved.

~*Thank God*~

February 8, 2007
*Originally Posted For Friendster, please pardon the informal language*

Long time didn’t update my friendster bloggy ady, time to activate for a while before confirming whether I wanna switch blogs or not.

Well, just wanna record something that I’ve done. Godlike lolz…. RAWR =D

As all we know, university’s computers have restrictions right?

So I complaint to the IT Lab as that time they disabled it and Adobe Flash Player cannot be installed..

And apparently I borrowed Bleach from Kwang… RMVB format… So thought of installing CCCP. Won’t work, so use Real Alternative.

Then everything went fine until a day after. They put back the ‘AlwaysInstallElevated’ prvilledge again.. Fuck…

Use Real Player Gold V10. Everything went fine for the whole morning… Right until the evenings when I wanna install again… It phucked me up… Google Toolbar Folder Missing…. zzz

Fondled with the settings, dll and such. Decided to convert it… meh, I’mma hardcore Bleach Fan now lol laugh.gif

Then, convert lor… It showed that I don’t have Real Alternative and Quicktime Alternative [WinAVI converter]. So can’t convert… Banging my head ady

Then, it popup a msg ask me to DL something from the site… Ok lor…

Download ady… Saw Codec… Seems like got hope.

Paste everything in the C:\Windows\System folder… Download MPC.. Works!

Now I should enjoy my bleach…

Tata. *grins*

© AC07. ARR.

Communication Technology… Hmm

February 6, 2007

Yeah it’s meh again… Seems like blogger got my attention ady and no one knows about this blog yet. Haha.

Last night played DotA, got trashed like shit… Sigh… Guess I shall not play DotA when there are inexperienced players in my team. I mean in terms of numbers. Tho’ I’m one lol.

Okay… Last night checked the timetable… Prepare this and that. Morning woke up… Dizzy but after bath ok ady. Went to class… English… Sleepy…

The teacher was Mr Emmet Whelan, hmm funny guy, from Ireland. He break the ice, and intro-ed. Made us did some silly stuffs lol… Anyway, after the break he turned serious and explained to us our course outline. Hmm… So many stuffs to do, need to be serious ady.

Next, Applied Algebra… o gosh… Matrix and Vector… ahhhhhhh

Ms Thong Lee Fah… Lao eh… From NUS… She’s god… I mean godlike lolz… RAWR. Her accent is god damn weird, but she can memorise what she’s gonna teach us… Yet, ah… She’s inhuman… =_=||| in a way where from what I get to know lah… But, the subject is ghay as well… Easy in front, at the back was like OMG help!!

Lunch, SA as usual… Then headed for Laundry, and Communication Technology. Ah.. Ms Geetha… Not Ms Sri Fatimah anymore… But she’ll be taking over the class on Thursdays… Yay… At least still get to see her… Communication Technology is getting interesting.. Tho’ quite boring at first… Networking… P2P this and that. Alex Chey dragged me into shit, actually me and him was “exempted” from the stupid work… and now I need to do it where it doesn’t counted in marks… Anyway I received a compliment where Ms Geetha says that from her “sources” she knew that I am a bright student in IT… Lol… quite happy la… Cmon’ man, it’s a compliment, ofc I’m happy lol. =D

So, I came to TISCRA 1, the same comp, TR1-PC54… Blogging… Sent amyhs99 a link for the McAFee Product Removal… MCPR… Dunno what will I face in the evenings… And also should I or not to go to the gymnasium? I wonder.

Ponder, ponder, and ponder…

My VM Battles came to a halt, don’t know why but I shall wait for a day or two before bumping the thread again? Hmm… Dunno lah.

And apparently ‘Ricardo‘ [duno correct spelling or not] learnt Japanese before… Lol… He’s quite accurate in the pronounciation. Hmm… I wished I learnt Japanese… I rather learn Japanese than to learn Mandarin… easier I think… But on a second thought, the more language I can master the better I can be in the future… Well, I may sound weird when I speak mandarin, but, what the heck, as long as I can still speak. So who the fuck in this world will care about my accent, maybe some guys do, but, so?

Magic tricks? Nah. Boring ady… Will go into flourishes maybe, but, during CNY I might perform Mercury and Stigmata… Just for fun to post it in Friendster lol… I planned to do it long time ago but my camera is lost… T.T I shall remember my foolishness of not putting the camera in my pocket… Damnit. Kit mentioned to record my performances, so… why not? Lol.

Ah, seems that the way of my blogging changed drastically… Is it a good thing or a bad omen… You decide.

Tonight I shall get ‘Bleach’ from Kwang and watch it till midnight! =D Before that revise algebra and finish the exercise lah… I’m not getting 13/40 marks as in how I performed in my Test 2 Sem 2 Statistics. Ah… God… Damn… It!

Also, apparently I’d mistaken for this week to be the last week before CNY… Lol… Guess I’m too bored or what… Ahahha… =P

Sometimes it’s just boring not to have people around you… You can feel the difference, when you’re with girl or guys. Indeed, you can become a Lone Ranger, but still? What’s the point? At the end of the day you’re still alone and bored. Crap.

I used to think that being alone has it’s own advantages… Undenialbly yes, but… It has it’s downsides too… It’s a two side of a coin. Lol, I remember that quote for the rest of my life, it’s during the JPA interview in Ipoh where a SMI guy used that during his ‘speech‘. Ah… wonder how’s everyone. Liew Jia Xiang… haha… I can still remember that guy… Raj from Ulu Kinta… etc etc

Well… friendship can be made in a short time, and that’s true, I mean TRUE friendship. Unlike what we have in life, and reality 99.99% of them aren’t. Cock talkers, NATO[No action talk only], trumpet blower, Backstabber, Double Face, Maskman… etc…

You can never have less of them in life… Now that sucks.

Wow, I can’t imagine how long will this post be… haha… I shall improve my lips movements and accuracy of speech.

And I still can remember how scary it is to drive without a license Lol… =\ Driving is fun, but scary to me as I still can’t master the handling well. Basically, driving a car is just like card handling, if you can handle your cards well, you can perform well. Same goes to cars. Haha.

Law of Nature? Law of Diminishing Returns? Law of Gravity? Lol

Should it be, ‘Law of Equivalent Trade‘? Haha… FMA ownz!

Being imsoniac, or to be exact can’t be able to sleep at night… Sigh… That’s the worst thing I can get into… zzz…

Anyway, guess it’s enough for one post now… Buahhahah xD

I shall end this post the traditional way =D

Jya Matta~*

©eXPeri3nc3 07. All rights reserved.